BA in International Relations

Required Courses 

To fulfill the International Relations major requirements, all students must complete the following:

I. Core Requirements
The five Core Requirements constitute a foundation of knowledge for all majors in International Relations, regardless of Thematic Concentration. They are comprised of broad introductory courses that cover the major themes of and debates within each discipline on the study of international affairs.

  1. PS 61: Introduction to International Relations
  2. EC 5: Principles of Economics or EC 8: Principles of Economics with Environmental Applications
  3. International Economics (one course from approved list)
  4. The Historical Dimension (one course from approved list)
  5. Theories of Society and Culture (one course from approved list)

II. Thematic Concentration Requirement
Thematic Concentrations are designed to provide students with substantial, in-depth, and focused study of an aspect of international relations. Students choose one concentration and take seven courses from that concentration. Students may change their concentration by using the Declaration of Major Form.

  1. Regional and Comparative Analysis (choose one sub-concentration)
    a. Europe and the Former Soviet Union
    b. East and Southeast Asia
    c. Africa
    d. Middle East and South Asia
    e. Latin America

  2. International Economics

  3. Global Health, Nutrition and the Environment

  4. International Security

  5. Globalization

  6. Identity

III. IR Major Language Requirement
Thorough language study is an essential tool for developing cultural literacy and sensitivity—important goals of the major. International Relations majors must therefore display advanced oral and written proficiency in a second language: eight semesters of instruction or the equivalent. Students entering Tufts with secondary language experience may complete the requirement in fewer than eight semesters.