Research Spotlight

IR Research Scholars (2019)

Chloe Malouf (A20)
"Solar in Mahuidanche" 

Previous winners

Borghesani Memorial Prize Recipients (2022)

Oliver Bentley
"Internship With The International Trade Administration"

Sophia Costa
"Portrayals of United States-Bound Migration in Brazilian Media"

Amelia Miller
"Internship With Lawyers Without Borders"

Lauren Soherr
"Space-Making for Afghan Women Refugees in Massachusetts"

Simon Weiss
"RMI Human Security Internship and Pacific ALLIES"

Previous winners

Student Thesis Research (Class of 2019)

Oren Abusch-Magder - International Relations
"Always Fighting the Last War: Post-Vietnam Lessons Learned and Their Impact on the U.S. Occupation of Iraq"
Thesis Advisor: Malik Mufti

Nesi Altaras - International Relations, Economics
"Opening, Solution, Despair: Why Turkey Still Faces a Kurdish Question"
Thesis Advisor: Malik Mufti

Sara Arman - International Relations, Middle Eastern Studies
"Can a Feminist Foreign Policy Exist? A Gendered Analysis of the 2003 U.S. Occupation of Iraq"
Thesis Advisor: Hugh Roberts

Alexandra Claman - International Relations, Spanish, Peace and Justice Studies
"Paso a Paso: Historical Collective Memory and the Empowerment of Democratic Actors in Chile, El Salvador, and Spain"
Thesis Advisor: Nina Gerassi-Navarro

Alexandra Fognani - International Relations, Peace and Justice Studies
"Refugee Education of Palestinian Youth in Lebanon"
Thesis Advisor: Hugh Roberts

Nicholas Giurleo - International Relations, History
"Going Beyond Apples to Oranges: Open Source Intelligence and United States National Security Decision-Making"
Thesis Advisor: David Ekbladh

Alara Hanci - International Relations, Civic Studies
"Can International Law Work for Palestine? A Comparative Case Study of the UN's Engagement in the Sustained Military Occupations of Palestinian Territories and Western Sahara"
Thesis Advisor: Malik Mufti

Paulina Jedrzejowski - International Relations
"Ethnic Identification and Political Mobilization among Brazilians in Boston"
Thesis Advisor: Cristiane Soares

Eva Kahan - International Relations, History
"An (Ethnically) Separated Peace: Informal and Institutional Ethnic Divides in the Jordanian Military"
Thesis Advisor: Hugh Roberts

Ria Mazumdar - International Relations, Quantitative Economics
"The Persistent Human Development Gap: Examining the Paradox of Growth Rates and Inequality in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu"
Thesis Advisor: Ayesha Jalal

Alexa Reilly - International Relations, Biology
"Indigenous-Led Anti-Extraction Movements of the Ecuadorian Amazon"
Thesis Advisor: Paul Joseph

Shayna Solomon - International Relations, Political Science
"Transcending Memory Politics: Challenges for Educators Teaching the Pinochet Dictatorship in Chile"
Thesis Advisor: Peter Winn

Swinging Pendulum of History: Politics, Pedagogy and Unconsolidated Memory
by Rebecca Cooley
Director: Peter Winn | Reader: Consuelo Cruz

Quitting Violent Extremism: Motivations for Disengagement
by Roland Gillah
Director: Hugh Roberts | Reader: Kelly Greenhill

Vladimir Putin's Manufacture of Civil Society: Between Hegemony and Domination
by Grigory, Khakimov
Director: Oxana Shevel | Reader: David Art & Consuelo Cruz

Dynamic Consociationalism: Integrative Lessons for a Unified Israel-Palestine
by Joseph Leone
Director: Malik Mufti | Reader: Consuelo Cruz

The Rana Plaza Tragedy: A game changer, or business as usual for Bangladesh? An analysis of manufacturer perception of labor regulations
by Samira Manzur
Director: Drusilla Brown | Reader: Elizabeth J. Remick

Heirs to a Broken Kingdom: Should Afghanistan Attempt Social Reconstruction through Transitional Justice?
by Abuzar Royesh
Director: Kelly Greenhill | Reader: Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch