Program Highlights

Oxana Shevel, associate professor of Political Science and International Relations Program Director, and Maria Popova associate professor of political science at McGill University, published "Russia and Ukraine: Entangled Histories, Diverging States" 

Rachel Applebaum, associate professor of Russian and Eastern European History, awarded a 12-month NEH fellowship to work on book project, "A Global History of Russian: The Form of Soviet "World Language" to Putin's Russian World."

Michael Beckley, professor of Political Science, and Hal Brands, a professor of global affairs at Johns Hopkins, published "The Danger Zone: The Coming Conflict with China"

Nimah Mazaheri, professor of Political Science, published "Hydrocarbon Citizens: How Oil Transformed People and Politics in the Middle East"

Alisha Rankin, Associate Professor of History, published The Poison Trials: Wonder Drugs, Experiment, and the Battle for Authority in Renaissance Science.

Alex Blanchette, professor of Anthropology, is a 2021 Forsyth Prize winner for his book, "Porkopolis: American Animality, Standardized Life, and the Factory Farm"

Brian Hatcher, professor of Religion, completed an interview on his book Hinduism Before Reform.

Kelly Greenhill, professor of Political Science, published Deal-making, Diplomacy and Transactional Forced Migration

Erin Kelly, professor of Philosophy, published a new book: "Chasing Me To My Grave: An Artist's Memoir of the Jim Crow South"

Peter Probst, Professor of History of Art and Architecture, co-edited and published National Museums in Africa: Identity, History and Politics.

Nina Gerassi-Navarro, Professor of Latin American Literature, Colin Orians, Professor of Biology, and Rana Abdul-Aziz, Senior Lecturer of Arabic, were featured in Tufts Now, discussing ways to bring global experiences into their virtual classrooms.