Anne E. Borghesani Memorial Prize

The Anne E. Borghesani Memorial Prize is an incentive award that enables the recipient(s) to undertake a research project, internship, volunteer activity, or plan of study in any field involving international issues. Designed to foster the spirit of the award, the prize encourages personal growth and independence, while increasing one's understanding of all peoples and encouraging a commitment to the world community.

Since 1991, students from a variety of Tufts majors have used the prize to venture abroad and study, conduct research, participate in international internships, and become involved in social change movements. Borghesani award recipients have carried out their plans worldwide.

Second-semester sophomores and juniors from ALL departments or majors with a GPA of 2.8 or above are eligible to apply, providing the proposal has a strong international component. There are two stages to the application process. It begins in January when students submit an initial expression of interest, describing a preliminary vision of their proposed project. IR Program staff then work closely with the applicants and their faculty mentors to further develop a project proposal that takes into account the different methods by which students may accomplish their research or internship goals. Applicants then submit a final version of their project for review by the full Prize Committee later in the spring. The selection committee may make one or several awards, depending on the quantity and quality of submissions in a given year. Thus, applicants should be aware that the award might not cover the full cost of proposed activities. Awards generally range between $1,000-$3,000.

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The 2023 Anne E. Borghesani Memorial Prize application window has closed.