DATA 0200 Foundations of Data Analytics. This required introductory course will provide you with a strong foundation on the general topic of data analytics.

DATA  0201 Introduction to Python and Machine Learning. This course introduces the Python programming language and environment for data analysis applications. It includes fundamentals of working with data, statistical methods, and visualization in Python as well as effective trouble-shooting using the Python ecosystem.

DATA 0202A Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau. This course introduces fundamentals of interactive data visualization for data analytics using Tableau. It includes connecting and querying data sources and creating and publishing dashboards. The course introduces best practices for charting and mapping and advanced concepts such as calculated fields, table calculations and parameters. No prerequisites.

DATA 0202B Excel to SQL: Introduction to Data Management and Databases. This course covers fundamentals of data management beginning with Excel and progressing through desktop and cloud-based database management systems.   It includes coverage of relational database concepts and database design.  Students will gain proficiency in Structured Query Language (SQL) used for communicating with and extracting data from databases.

DATA 0220 Communicating with Data. This course focuses on the communication, visualization and presentation of different types of data. Three important areas will be examined regarding how to make sense of data and turn them into narratives and actions. The formats to be examined include written, graphical, and presentational methods. The focus is on how to create and design in each domain to best communicate information and ideas to a variety of audiences. The fundamentals and rhetoric underlying each of these types of communication will be discussed and tips for making them highly effective presented. 

DATA 0290 Data Analytic Capstone.

DATA 0298 Independent Study.

DATA 0299 Internship.

DATA 0401 Masters Degree Continuation.

DATA 0402 Masters Degree Continuation.

DATA 0405 Grad Teaching Assistant.

DATA 0406 Grad Research Assistant.