Photo Contest 2017-2018

7th Annual ENVS Undergraduate Photography Contest (2017-2018)

Congratulations to the winners of our 7th Annual Environmental Photography Contest

1st Place: Marissa Donohue

Wildflowers with Chicago skyline in background

"Flower Power"

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Wildflowers stretch higher than skyscrapers in this distorted perspective of Chicago, Illinois. This urban environment shows the power of green spaces for pollinators, as three bees (who are proportionally the size of airplanes!) land on white coneflowers.

2nd Place: Gabriel Emunah

Lone tree on a golden hill, split by a winding road, on Mount Tamalpais, California

Location: Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County, CA

This photo captures a lone, solemn tree standing above a bed of clouds on a golden hill; a winding road splits the dying grass. It was taken on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, CA.

3rd Place: Rayleigh Parker

Motion painting of three pigeons doing laps in Medford, MA.

"Night Birds"

Location: 574 Boston Avenue, Medford, MA

These pictures were all produced by a program I wrote to "smush" the frames of a video together to produce what I like to call motion paintings. This process captures movement in a way that a photograph can't and projects it onto a still surface. The final product serves as a reminder of the beauty you can find in the natural world – even in the most mundane places – if you just stop to watch. This trio of pigeons was filmed doing laps from the fourth floor of 574 Boston Avenue, at dusk.

This year we received 72 entries from 24 contestants. View all contest submissions