Photo Contest 2018-2019

8th Annual ENVS Undergraduate Photography Contest (2018-2019)

Congratulations to the winners of our 8th Annual Environmental Photography Contest

1st Place: Ella Taubenfeld

Clown Fish swimming amid anemone


Location: Osprey Reef, Australia

Clown Fish in Anemone

2nd Place: Marilene Rivas-Chavez

A Great Egret mid-flight in a Florida nature park

Location: A Florida Nature Park

A Great Egret mid-flight in a Florida nature park.

3rd Place: Alejandra Macaya

Glacial river streaming from Tasman Glacier, New Zealand

Location: New Zealand

Tasman Glacier is one of the largest glaciers in New Zealand. Flying over the base, one can see glacial rivers streaming from the foot of the glacier. This photograph is meant to capture both the beauty of the landscape and the reality of the state of the Tasman Glacier. In recent years, the glacier has been receding and scientists believe the glacier will eventually disappear.

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