Program Highlights - 2019-2020

Faculty/Student Highlights

Congrats Class of 2020! – See our ENVS yearbook

ENVS Director Colin Orians' collaborative course featured in Tufts NowBringing Virtual Study Abroad to Students

ENVS welcomes new Environmental Data Science lecturerDr. Leone Brown, starting in Fall 2020

ENVS welcomes new Food Systems Professor of the PracticeDr. Kevin Cody, starting in Fall 2020

Congratulations to the 2020 Nancy W. Anderson Award for Environmental Sustainability recipient Chloe Malouf

Congratulations to the 2020 Terry and Farmanfarmaian Summer Scholarship recipient Kareal Amenumey who will doing research on "How Black farming and food efforts are (re)shaping the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Food System at the Rural- Urban Interface" under Dr. Cathy Stanton's mentorship.

Congratulations to 2020 Norton Nickerson Endowed Internship recipient William Capriola, who will be working at Groundwork Sommerville.

Congratulations to the 2020 Terry and Farmanfarmaian Summer Internship recipient Alicia Bellido, who will be working at the New York League of Conservation Voters.

Congratulation to the following ENVS students for receiving Academic Awards:

  • Rachel Klein - The Ivan Galantic Special Achievement in Humanities Prize and the Dept of Religion Award
  • Olivia Holmes - The Prize Scholarship of the Class of 1882 and the Dept of Anthropology Award
  • Max McCarthy - Benjamin Brown Scholarship
  • Serena Monteiro - Frederick Melvin Ellis Prize
  • Paul Henjes - The Donald A. Cowdery Memorial Scholarship
  • Sean Lee - Class of 1911 Prize Scholarship
  • Hanna Carr - Ethel M. Hayes Scholarship
  • William Tasker - Lewis F. Manly Memorial Prize
  • Ivara Roth - The Audrey Butvay Gruss Science Award
  • Alejandra Macaya - The Karno Dean's Award for Academic Excellence and Leadership

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 ENVS Executive Committee Student Representatives, Elyssa Annesser and Rachel Klein


Winners of 9th ENVS Environmental Photocontest:

  • 1st placeSamantha Nasson, Applied Environmental Studies
  • 2nd placeAlejandra Macaya, Environmental Studies & International Relations
  • 3rd placeNadia Sbuttoni, Community Health

ENVS celebrates 50th anniversary of Earth Day with activist panel event entitled Solving the Pandemic and Climate Crises with a Just Transition

ENVS celebrates 60th anniversary of Antarctica Treaty with panel event entitled Antarctica: Climate, Penguins and International Cooperation

ENVS hosts its 3rd Annual Tufts Food Systems Symposium on Food Tech and Food Justice: Can We Talk?

Washington Post journalist Tamar Haspel announced as speaker for the inaugural lecture of the newly-endowed ENVS Hoch Cunningham Environmental Lectures Series

Alumni Highlights

New alumni gift! Thank you to Alumni Daphne Hoch-Cunningham J82, A18P and Roland Hoch A85, A19P for their generous gift to endow the Hoch Cunningham Environmental Lectures series and fund a Professor of the Practice in Food Systems position for two years.

ENVS alum Jennifer Baldwin, A05, receives inaugural TIE Alumni Award for Inspiring Leadership.