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School of Arts and Sciences

Resources for Faculty

Deans of Academic Affairs

The deans of academic affairs for Arts and Sciences and the SMFA dean of faculty are responsible for the academic programs within the schools and for supporting the work of our faculty.

The Office of the Secretary of the Faculty

The Office of the Secretary of the Faculty serves as an administrative resource for faculty members, staff, and administrators across Arts and Sciences and Engineering.

Visit the website of the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty for essential faculty information regarding:

Union Resources

COVID-19 Guidance 

  • University COVID-19 FAQ
  • Educational Technology Services (ETS), offers further information, tools, and support to integrate technology into academic courses during the semester. ETS also offers a collection of user guides covering the tools and technologies that are helpful for teaching in a variety of modalities.
  • Teaching@Tufts, a site jointly overseen by CELT (the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching) and ETS, hosts resources for teaching and effective use of technology to support students’ learning goals, such as online course design, online assessment, and available technology tools for teaching.