Master's Thesis

The master's thesis is a major research project that is conducted under the supervision of a member of the department. The completed thesis must be presented and successfully defended in an oral examination administered by a formal thesis committee. Thesis credit is awarded when a final draft is approved by the thesis committee. It is important to note that a master's thesis must contain original work and cannot be submitted as a paper in other courses.

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2021-2022 Master's Theses

Khumoyun Abdumavlonov: "Market Access and Urban Growth: Evidence from the Fall of the Soviet Union" Advisor: Adam Storeygard

Amber Born: "An Analysis of India's State Solar Policies" Advisor: Ujjayant Chakravorty

Chao Fang: "The Employment Impact of Wind and Solar Energy in the US" Advisor: Gilbert Metcalf

Taewon Hu: "Social Media, Short Interest, and Firm Value" Advisor:  Marcelo Bianconi

Huan Li: "The Adoption of International Financial Report Standards and Corruption“ Advisor: Yannis Ioannides

Wei Liu: "Innovation and China's Carbon Emissions Scheme" Advisor: Ujjayant Chakravorty

Arman Moussavi: "Mobile Money, Entrepreneurship and Labor Dynamics in Developing Countries" Advisor: Alan Finkelstein Shapiro

Evan Newell: “The Impact of Increased Child Benefits on Married Parents’ Labor Supply: Evidence from Federal and Provincial Policy in Canada" Advisor: Melissa McInerney

Tianyan Tu: "Sources of Economic Growth: Do Openness and Size Matter?" Advisor: Enrico Spolaore

Shengzhuo Yuan: "Effect of Water Quality Monitoring on Firm Relocation" Advisor: Ujjayant Chakravorty

Ge Zhao: "How does retirement affect health?  Evidence from China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study" Advisor: Marcelo Bianconi

Daniel Zuchelkowski: "Job Polarization and the U.S. Phillips Curve" Advisor: Alan Finkelstein Shapiro