Master's Thesis

The master's thesis is a major research project that is conducted under the supervision of a member of the department. The completed thesis must be presented and successfully defended in an oral examination administered by a formal thesis committee. Thesis credit is awarded when a final draft is approved by the thesis committee. It is important to note that a master's thesis must contain original work and cannot be submitted as a paper in other courses.

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2022-2023 Master's Theses

Yunru Bai: "The Impact of Urbanization on Health Outcomes using Evidence from China" Advisor: Jeff Zabel

Sudarshan Bashyal: "Birth Year Environment and Adult Life Outcomes for Females: Evidence from Nepal" Advisor: Adam Storeygard

Yunning (Kevin) Cao: "Agricultural Adaptations and Depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer" Advisor: Ujjayant Chakravorty

Mingsong Chen: "Heterogeneous Impact of Temperature Shocks: Are Urban Areas More Resilient?“ Advisor: Ujjayant Chakravorty

John Luigi Dela Pena*: "Impact of Logging Bans in Deforestation: Evidence from the Vietnam-Laos Boarder“ Advisor: Ujjayant Chakravorty

Fatimah Faisal: "The Impact of a Cash Windfall on Women's Empowerment in India" Advisor: Cynthia Kinnan

Ruodong He: "The 2018 Trade Ware and U.S. Local Labor Markets" Advisor: Federico Esposito

Nan Jiang: “Local Fiscal Multipliers in China" Advisor: ChaeWon Baek

Tiantian Ji: "Heterogeneous Effects of Stay-at-Home (SAH) Orders on Labor Market Outcomes over Different Age Groups" Advisor: ChaeWon Baek

Sanjana Kadyan: "Environmental Policy Uncertainty and Investment Behavior in Sustainable Financial Markets" Advisor: Alan Finkelstein Shapiro

Ibrahim Kilic: "The Effects of Strategic Alliances on Airline On-Time Performance: Evidence from U.S. Domestic Travel" Advisor: Silke Forbes

Taoran Liu: "Political Connection and Regional Development in China" Advisor: Enrico Spolaore

Jiayin Liu: "Role of Public Preference Polarization in Determining Government Delay" Advisor: Enrico Spolaore

Qi Peng: "The Relationship Between Financial Literacy and Households' Savings Rate" Advisor: Marcelo Bianconi

Kwok Wai So: "News Media Consumption and Political Ideology" Advisor: Enrico Spolaore

Shengbin Wei*: "Essays in Political Interactions" Advisor: Yannis Ioannides and Enrico Spolaore

Li (Dereck) Yang: "The Asset-Pricing Implications of Policy Uncertainty" Advisor: Federico Esposito

Yifan Yang: "Does the Chinese Carbon Trading Policy Achieve It's Goals?" Advisor: Ujjayant Chakravorty

Zhizhen Zhao: "The Impact of Mixed Ownership Reform on the Wage Cap in State-Owned Enterprises" Advisor: Silke Forbes

Ziqi Zhou: "The Effect of Household Registration (Hukou) System on Mobility Choices and Housing Demand in China" Advisor: Yannis Ioannides

Jie Zhou*: "Withhold Release Orders, Firm Behavior Regarding Compliance on Forced Labor and Business Outcomes in the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry" Advisor: Drusilla Brown

Yanlin (Sebastian) Zhu: "The Association of Emotions and Public Goods Contribution" Advisor: Laura Gee

*Linda Datcher Loury Award Recipient