Internships and Job Opportunities

The Department of Economics offers several opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Below is a listing of internships, job opportunities, and research opportunities.

General Internship Information

Internship types include non-credit internships, transcript-notation internships, and for-credit internships. Tufts Career Services provides information and counseling about all of these possibilities. A summary of internship information and Tufts regulations is available through Tufts Career Services.

Students wishing to receive academic credit for an economics or finance-related internship should discuss the internship with their advisor prior to seeking credit. Generally, if the work is relevant to a student's studies in economics or finance, it may be possible to earn one unit of pass/fail credit. The credit will not count toward the major or minor, but will count as general credit towards graduation. Credit is awarded upon completion of the internship and the submission of an acceptable paper connecting the internship work with a topic in economics or finance. To avoid any misunderstandings, any student interested in receiving credit for an internship should submit a proposal to the advisor BEFORE the start of the internship and get the proposal approved.

Non-Credit Internships

Some non-credit internships do not require any Tufts sponsorship and can be completed with no official involvement of Tufts.

Occasionally companies will advertise their internships without noting restrictions and only later inform students that some Tufts recognition is required. Some companies that follow this bait-and-switch approach will accept Tufts' transcript notation. Some want special letters from Tufts.

Career Services has developed a letter which some companies, such as Salomon Smith Barney, will accept instead of registration for academic credit. Students with questions about these companies and letters should contact Tufts Career Services.

Job Opportunities

Positions for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Please check back soon for open positions.

Research Funding

Students may request funding for senior theses and for other proposals emphasizing original research that is directly supervised by a Tufts faculty member.

Undergraduate Research Fund