Master's Students

Students from Tufts University's Department of Economics

Yuxian Chen, Research Track MS Student

Taking a master's program to enrich experience before PhD is a common choice for students from China like me, and Tufts is where I chose to go after finishing my undergraduate study of Economics in CUFE. The reason I chose Tufts was its reputation for small program size and abundant research opportunities. And it turns out that Tufts goes far beyond my expectation. The small class size not only guarantees the course quality, but also assists us in building a close relationship with our classmates and teachers. In terms of research experience, the thesis writing in the second year is an invaluable experience to me. There is one year to fully develop the idea and the paper under the guidance of excellent faculties in related field. It provides all the necessary knowledge on how to conduct independent research and prepares us for future PhD study. Apart from thesis writing, plenty of chances for RA and TA are available as well. This is a great program and I really loving studying in Tufts. And I believe all the other students have the same feeling as me!

Elizabeth Lochhead, UEP MS Student

I came to Tufts for the opportunity to study urban economics, an interest that developed while I was an undergraduate at the University of Denver. During college, I majored in Economics and also worked at a homeless shelter in downtown Denver, and I became interested in how economics can be used to think about urban problems like eviction, displacement from housing, and homelessness. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on rental insurance as a method for homeless prevention, and I knew that I wanted to keep studying housing and urban economics in graduate school. The joint MS in Economics and Urban Planning at Tufts is a great way to bring together economics and planning tools to keep asking these questions and thinking about solutions.

Trinity Manning-Pickett, Research Track MS Student

As I was preparing to graduate from the University of San Diego with a BA in economics, I knew I needed a graduate program that would prepare me for a PhD in economics so that I may pursue my passion for research, particularly in development economics. That is, I needed a program which would build my mathematic foundation, refine my research skills, and enhance my training in economics. Since being here, I have received all of this in abundance, as well as enjoyed the benefits of a small department and cohort. The personalized access to wonderful professors, deep and lasting friendships with classmates, invigorating coursework, and a multitude of opportunities for personal and academic growth has helped me realize what I am capable of and continues to fuel my passions for economics and research.

Vasudha Ramakrishna, Research Track MS Student

While studying Economics in college back in India, I became deeply interested in development economics and wanted to do research in the field and work towards a PhD The M.S Economics Program at Tufts proved to be the perfect course for me because it offered a rigorous training in economics, and opportunity to gain experience in research, through a thesis in the second year or from working as a research assistant to a professor. The faculty at Tufts come from different backgrounds and the small cohort size offers a unique opportunity to get personalized guidance from professors, exposure to their research and work towards identifying an area of specialization, which is critical to have before applying to doctoral programs. I love it here, because the small cohort allows you to make great friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, you learn a lot from each other, and work together to gain a deeper understanding of concepts. The professors are very approachable and helpful, and the econ department is really warm and welcoming, making it easier to navigate through the challenges of an intense graduate program and moving to a new country!

Sukanya Upadhyaya, Course Track MS Student

My upbringing in five countries shaped my multifaceted interests through constant travel and change. It also exposed me to the persisting inequality between countries. I knew that I ultimately wanted to help underprivileged groups through inventive policy-making and entrepreneurship. After high school in India, I graduated from Beloit College with an Economics and Studio Art double major and Mathematics minor. I chose Tufts because their research-based program seemed perfect for the rigorous learning I was seeking to back my vision. I am happy with the choice I made. Our classes are demanding yet stimulating. The relationship we share with faculty is engaging and intimate, and they push us to challenge what we learn at each step. There are numerous opportunities for students to benefit from the program and make it their own. One of my favorites is networking with distinguished economists at the Seminar Series and Happy Hours. Currently, I work as a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate course and get to collaborate with students at different levels. I'm delighted that Braker Hall has become my home and that I am part of a close-knit family here. After graduation, I hope to launch innovative art shops across rural India to initiate consumer entrepreneurship among poorer communities. I also want to work on research that improvises timeworn theories, tailored specifically for developing economies.

Alex Xie, Course Track MS Student

I grew up near Los Angeles, California and attended Gettysburg College to earn a BS with Honors in Mathematical Economics, coupled with a Minor in Math. The small class sizes, engaging and supportive faculty, and sharp and collaborative cohort lead to a conductive learning environment. Furthermore, the regular seminar series and graduate happy hours provide exposure to both professional academic research and active social gatherings within the department. Importantly, the robust financial support, including a plethora of teaching assistant, grader, research assistant, etc. opportunities, promote integration within the broader Tufts community of lovely people. Tufts's MS Economics program is the very best for helping you achieve your ultimate career goals, whether you see your future in academia, industry, or even a flexible mix of both.

Qi Zhang, Research Track MS Student

I grew up in Beijing, China and studied labor economics at Zhejiang University before coming to Tufts. Aiming at pursuing a PhD in Economics, I find that the training I have had at Tufts University extremely helpful. The courses are delicately designed, including both proof and empirical exercises. Thoughtful faculty, combined with small class size would provide students with lots of TA and RA opportunities, from which I improved my programming skills as well as formed a better sense of doing research. Apart from that, the classmates that I have met at this program are competitive and friendly, studying and fighting for the same goal with friends at the graduate lounge is definitely the best experience I have had. To sum up, if you have a clear goal of pursuing a PhD, Tufts is no doubt the right choice for you!