Master's Students

Students from Tufts University's Department of Economics

Amber Born, Research Track MS Student

When I was studying economics as an undergraduate at Boston University, I became interested in pursuing graduate school and entering academia. But getting a PhD is a major commitment of time, money, and energy, so I wanted to be sure that it was the right route for me. I decided to pursue a master's degree in economics after graduation in May, and chose the economics MS program at Tufts for many reasons: its core courses which are more rigorous than most undergraduate economics classes; the opportunity to take courses in other departments, such as the math department and The Fletcher School; the availability of teaching/research assistantships and scholarship opportunities; perhaps most importantly, the program's structure, which allows students who enjoyed their first year in the program to stay for a second year at reduced cost and complete a thesis. Although the program is challenging, the faculty are supportive, and Tufts provides its students with a myriad of academic and professional resources. Whether I choose to pursue a PhD or a non-academic career, I believe the MS program is setting me up for success.

Yifan "Caroline" Dong, Research Track MS Student

Before coming to Tufts for this economics program, I graduated as a business school student in Shanghai, China. However, growing up with a strong curiosity and a desire to accumulate knowledge, my previous studying experience didn't offer much satisfactory. So, I chose this master program in Tufts for the hardcore knowledge of economics provided by the wonderful teachers here. My interests now lie in Climate Change Economics, and I hope to do more research in this area in future PhD program and working on it in future career. Many thanks to Prof. Metcalf for leading me into this area and guiding me through all the fascinating knowledge.

Chao "Jerry" Fang, Research Track MS Student

During my Economics study at the University of Southampton, UK, I was involved with an economic research program concerned climate change, which inspires me to continue studying Economics for my master and pursuing a PhD afterwards. After my undergraduate, I was curious about the world, thus applied and got admitted for economics programs in the US, the UK and Europe. Tufts is my final choice, and it turns out the right choice. The small cohort size, great design of the courses and the warming econ department are the initial reasons for enrolling. The research opportunity, close relationship with classmates and faculty makes me want to stay in the second-year research track. 2020 is an unforgettable year for everyone, and it's a challenging year for our online students, but the virtual courses at Tufts are so good that I might even miss them when going offline. In our online experiences, the excellent professors here are very approachable and try their every effort to reach good online teaching; the invigorating coursework and the collaboration with coursemates are beneficial for learning graduate-level economics. Therefore, MS Economics is the right choice for pursuing an economics master no matter in what form, and I'm looking forward to my next year.

Evan Newell, Research Track MS Student

I am interested in using the theory and tools of economics to study labor markets and public policy. Before coming to Tufts, I graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a degree in chemical engineering and a minor in technical communication. Throughout my time as an undergraduate, I studied industrial systems and spent nearly two years in the manufacturing workforce. I found these topics engaging, but I was more interested in analyzing the workforce from an economics and policy perspective. Tufts has given me great opportunities to pursue these interests. The wonderful faculty and staff, wealth of resources for master's students, and vibrant Boston academic community have all made Tufts a fantastic place to study. After the MS program, I plan to pursue my PhD in economics, and I hope to have a career studying labor and public policy issues in the US.

Vasilii Nosov, Course Track MS Student

Since graduating from a university with a Bachelor's degree in Economics, I worked as an economist in a bank. I have always dreamed of studying abroad and earning an invaluable experience coupled with fundamental knowledge. In 2019, I decided to take a break in my career and to spend several years on education. I moved to Beijing to engage in a profound study of Mandarin. After those studies, I applied for a Master's program at Tufts. I chose Tufts because of its reputation as one of the best research universities in the world. During the first months at Tufts, I realized that it was a perfect choice. Excellent professors and attentive administrators of the program guarantee me the most qualified education, even in a high uncertainty period. The reality has exceeded my initial expectations of studies at Tufts. I am sure that the time I spend at Tufts will become a solid foundation for my career success.

David Somuah, Course Track MS Student

The story of my life is a young man from Kwahu Tafo in the Eastern Region of Ghana who wants to see economic development in his homeland. My interests have bordered around why we are resource-rich yet poor and a historical look at our political economy since Independence through the coups, foreign aid, and structural adjustment programs. I have a BA in Economics from the University of Ghana, and I find Tufts University an ideal option for further studies in Economics and Development. Online lectures have been daunting and without the usual physical touch, but the lecturers still do their utmost to understand the modules and connect. The professors deliver well-tailored material and offer the best resources available. Class sizes are small and competitive. I strongly believe that my studies here will allow me to contribute meaningfully to my community through the teaching of Economics and the provision of top-notch consultancy services for individuals, businesses, and the government.

Shengzhuo Yuan, Research Track MS Student

I come from China. I studied finance and received a bachelor's degree from Tongji University in Shanghai. I found myself interested in economics in the third year of my undergraduate study. I am interested in Environmental Economics and Macroeconomics. I plan to apply for a PHD program and teach economics in the future. I choose to study in Tufts University not only because it has the first-class staffs in the world but also, I can feel the kindness and intimacy from it. All the professors are very brilliant, and all the executive staffs are very supportive. I really appreciate the consideration and help I got from the program. Besides many interesting models, I also learned the things that are more important, ideas and logics behind the models. These are very useful in future studying. Don't hesitate to join Tufts University, it'll be a decision that you are proud of.

Daniel Zuchelkowski, Research Track MS Student

The greatest benefit of the MS Economics program at Tufts is to gain exposure to the foundations of academic economics. For those interested in pursuing a PhD in economics or a related field, this program serves as an inauguration in reading, analyzing, and conducting economics research. I could not be happier with my decision to pursue a Master's during the Covid-19 pandemic and obtain the skills and tools needed to pursue a PhD in economics. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Philosophy at the College of Wooster, I was initially interested in development economics. However, my research interests changed to macroeconomics over the course of my first year after learning about the intersections of labor, finance, public and international economics through the Macroeconomics sequence. Tufts does a wonderful job of making grad school a feasible option through generous scholarships and ample employment opportunities such as research and teaching assistantships, grading, etc. I believe that Tufts is a terrific choice for anyone who is interested in pursuing a PhD or gaining valuable research skills for a future career!