Master's Students

Master's students from Tufts University's Department of Economics

Aidan Oliviera Research Track MS Student

I have always had a fascination with city life and urban areas. I decided early on in college that I was interested in studying urbanism from a quantitative angle. Accordingly, I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics with a minor in Urban Studies at New College of Florida. Upon completing my undergraduate studies, I enrolled in Cornell’s Regional Science Master’s Program. My time at Cornell allowed me to further expand my skill set by pursuing a diverse set of courses, such as machine learning, system dynamics, and network modeling. I am deeply passionate about understanding economic trends, especially in the areas of regional and urban economics, neighborhood effects, spatial trade dynamics, network economics, innovation, and agglomeration economies. In that endeavor, Tufts’ MS program was perfect since it has given me access to faculty whose research involves the precise topics that interest me. The research I am doing for my master’s thesis, under Federico Esposito, involves exploring RAIS data, an employer-employee matched dataset with detailed formal sector Brazilian firm data, with particular attention paid to spatial trends in firm productivity in the presence of trade shocks. My goal is to eventually pursue a PhD program in Economics where I can continue researching these topics in greater depth.


Taige Wang, Research Track MS Student

I truly appreciate the opportunities the Econ MS program at Tufts provided me with. I studied Mathematics at William & Mary as my undergraduate. I am thankful to Tufts Economics for the generous tuition scholarship, which is a recognition of my achievement in the past. Moreover, the whole environment is supportive and professional.  I am writing my master's thesis and having chances to discuss the topic with almost every faculty member. The Master's in Economics at Tufts is the best choice for anyone who is passionate in the theory of Economics. You could feel this is a “student-centered” community!


Shuaibo Yin, Research Track MS Student

I completed my Bachelor's degree in Economics at Central University of Finance and Economics in Peking. My future aspiration is to pursue a PhD in economics, a path that has become increasingly competitive and rigorous in terms of student admissions. The Economics MS program offered at Tufts helps to make me prepared for doctoral applications. The core courses delve deeply into graduate-level economic theories, providing a strong foundation. Additionally, the second-year research-track thesis offers an excellent opportunity for meaningful engagement with professors well-versed in your chosen topic. Moreover, the school offers abundant RA and TA opportunities, enhancing overall academic experience. Notably, the Econ department prides itself on maintaining a small, high-quality master's program, ensuring extensive interaction between students and professors. This fosters a highly supportive and friendly academic environment, making it an ideal choice for aspiring economists.