Department Highlights

Professor of the Practice Patrick Schena was quoted in the following Financial Times articles regarding sovereign wealth funds: Sovereign Investors are the New Conduits of FDI and The SWFs de-risking Inbound FDI.

Professors Silke Forbes and Jeff Zabel were quoted in The Tufts Daily article "Tufts’ cost of attendance reaches record-breaking $92,167 for upcoming academic year".

Professor Margaret McMillan, Neary Family Professor of International Relations, has been cited in the Forbes magazine article "Tanzania's Richest Man Wants to Be Africa's Biggest Farmer - If Everyone Gets Out of His Way".  14 March 2024.

Saffiyah Coker, an Economics and International Relations major has been awarded a Luce Scholarship 2024-2025. Congratulations, Saffiyah!

You can listen here to Professor Douglas Gollin's episode of VoxDevTalks about Macroeconomic development and growth (on 31 January 2024). 

Assistant Professor Eoin McGuirk and Mai Mahmoud (NFEPP PhD Student) presented in Kenya at the G²LM|LIC & BREAD Development Conference.

Associate Professor Laura Gee was awarded a grant from the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economic Profession-Social Science Research Council (CSWEP-SSRC) Women in Economics and Mathematics Research Consortium, which is supporting work on diversifying economics and mathematics.

Professor Steve Cicala will be joining the Editorial Council of the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (JAERE) published by the University of Chicago Press.

Professor Enrico Spolaore gave a keynote address on "Cultural Change, Economics, and the Spread of Modern Fertility" at the Gender and Economics Workshop held at the University of Luxembourg on June 29 and 30, 2023.

Professor Enrico Spolaore was featured in an article in El Pais "Ireland, Denmark or Singapore: how some small countries stand out in a world of economic superpowers".

Professor Jeff Zabel was quoted in GBH news article "Does building more luxury housing drive other rents up or down?"

Assistant Professor Eoin McGuirk has been appointed a Faculty Research Fellow in the National Bureau of Economic Research's (NBER) programs on Political Economy and Development Economics. We are looking forward to reading Eoin's influential papers in the NBER working paper series.

Professor Enrico Spolaore was recently interviewed by University of Pennsylvania's Penn Exchange on political borders and the size of nations. 

Professor Enrico Spolaore's column "Understanding borders and conflict from an economic perspective" was published in Vox EU.

Professor Shinsuke Tanaka's paper in AERI has been selected to the Top Ten Charts of 2022 by AEA.

Professor Yannis Ioannides gave a lecture, titled ‘Global Urban Growth from Antiquity to the Present: A Macroeconomic Approach,’ at the Bank of Greece Conference on “The Palimpsest of Athens” on 20 October. This is based on research with Shengbin Wei, MS in economics program, Tufts.

Steve Cicala, Associate Professor of economics, was quoted in a July 9 New York Times article “Fears of Another Gas Shock Drive Biden to Seek Price Cap on Russian Oil.” Cicala also had his article “Insights: Powering work from home,” which focuses on energy use during the COVID-19 pandemic, published in the Journal of Urban Economics in July.

Professor Gilbert Metcalf, John DiBiaggio Chair of of Citizenship and Public Service, was quoted in Forbes' article "Why Biden’s Federal Gas Tax Holiday Would Be Bad For America".

Professor of the Practice Patrick Schena served as Chairman of the External Advisory Committee for an extensive, multi-year study “Strategic Investment Funds: Establishment and Operations”, released in June 2022.

Congratulations to Professor Margaret McMillan, JRN Family Professor of International Relations, who was recently awarded The Faculty Research Awards Committee Distinguished Scholar Award.

Congratulations to the following Economics students receiving awards this year!

Association of Tufts Alumnae 75th Anniversary AwardAlyssa Azzam
Lewis F. Manly Memorial PrizeBora Calis
Daniel Ounjian Prize in EconomicsTrevor Chandik
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Service AwardSaffiyah Coker
Wendell Phillips Memorial ScholarshipSaffiyah Coker
Marion Ricker Houston Prize Scholarship in EconomicsSaffiyah Coker
Lewis F. Manly Memorial PrizeMadeline Delaney
Charles G. Bluhdorn Prize in EconomicsYunkai Du
Frederick M. and Dorie Ellis PrizeSarah Firth
Robert Asch AwardApril Gao
Russell E. Miller History PrizeStewart James
Charles G. Bluhdorn Prize in EconomicsLukai Li
Marion Ricker Houston Prize Scholarship in EconomicsYichen Lin
Audrey Butvay Gruss Science AwardBrandon Mukadziwashe
Daniel Ounjian Prize in EconomicsHenry Portman
Frederick M. and Dorie Ellis PrizeCatherine Shelburne
Marion Ricker Houston Prize Scholarship in EconomicsMegan Starses
Outstanding Achievement Award in the Department of MusicsYixiao Wang
N. Hobbs Knight Prize ScholarshipMathis Weber
Elizabeth Verveer Tischler Prize in Music PerformanceShizhong Xu
Daniel Ounjian Prize in EconomicsJiang Yan