Master's Thesis

The master's thesis is a major research project that is conducted under the supervision of a member of the department. The completed thesis must be presented and successfully defended in an oral examination administered by a formal thesis committee. Thesis credit is awarded when a final draft is approved by the thesis committee. It is important to note that a master's thesis must contain original work and cannot be submitted as a paper in other courses.

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2020-2021 Master's Theses

Gokul Raj Boobathy
"Monetary Policy Propagation Mechanism and Labor Markets"
Advisor: Alan Finkelstein Shapiro

Mohan Chen
"The Environmental and Health Impact of an Emission Trading Scheme For Sulfur Dioxide In China"
Advisor: Gilbert Metcalf

Ziyao Huang
"The Impacts from the Signing of a Marquee Player: The Chinese Super League Case"
Advisor: Thomas Downes

Xiaoyang 'Derrick' Ji
"Trading with "Our Own People": How Language and Social Group Identity Influence Trade"
Advisor: Enrico Spolaore

Shelley Li
"Internal Migration, Mobility and Hukou Reform"
Advisor: Yannis Ioannides

Andong Liu
"Biased Newspapers, Naive Readers, and Political Polarization in the UK"
Advisor: Eoin McGuirk

Natalia Sabater Anaya
"Self-selection After Environmental Disasters: The Case of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico"
Advisor: Anna Hardman

Yi Wang
"The Macroeconomic Effects of Overworking in China"
Advisor: Alan Finkelstein Shapiro

Ethan Yan
"Interest on Excess Reserves and Monetary Policy Outcomes: U.S. and International Experiences"
Advisor: Marcelo Bianconi

Yibin Zhang
"The Labor Market Outcome of California's Cap-and-trade Program"
Advisor: Gilbert Metcalf