Navigating ENVS: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the steps to completing a major or minor in Environmental Studies:

  1. Find an advisor:

    The program has a dedicated group of over 25 faculty advisors from 14 different departments, which will allow you to select the right advisor based on your interests in Environmental Studies. Contact the faculty member from our list who most likely matches your interests to inquire about their availability. Students don’t require an advisor to declare a minor, but if students have questions about our minors they should contact Cathy Stanton for the Food Systems and Nutrition minor, or John Durant for the Environmental Science and Policy minor.
  2. Declare the Major/Minor:

    Students in the Environmental Studies program must select one of the specialized tracks by the end of the Sophomore year. It is recommended that students interested in Environmental Studies declare as soon as possible to ensure that they receive the best possible consultation.

    Once a faculty member has agreed to be your advisor you should declare your major or minor online.

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  3. Take required courses:

    Explore the required course list according to your degree:
  4. Complete an internship and sign up for ENV 99 (Majors only):

    Internships in Environmental Studies add valuable hands-on experiences by getting students out of the classroom and into professional environments. They are a great asset to the student by providing a unique opportunity to fill gaps in their knowledge and skill set before entering the job market. Internship opportunities are varied, but all involve at least 100 hours of service (paid or unpaid), in the summer or during the school year. In order to fulfill the internship requirement, ENVS Majors must sign up for ENV 99 the semester after completing the internship. The Program has a large database of internship experiences available to ENVS students.
  5. Submit graduation paperwork:

    Seniors must apply to graduate in SIS and submit their major checklist to the Student Service Desk in October if graduating in February and in December if graduating in May and August. Checklists must be previously approved and signed by Dr. Sara Gomez. Find the appropriate checklist here: