The Film and Media Studies Program at Tufts University teaches media literacy through the liberal arts. You will learn about the history, theory, production, and cultural importance of film, television and other media. And, in fulfilling the FMS major or minor, you will become a more discerning and active user of media — able to understand and employ them as powerful art forms that can change society for the better.

The Tufts FMS program:

  • Teaches you about the history, theory, and practice of film, television, and other media
  • Combines practice with theory
  • Provides a global perspective
  • Is interdisciplinary
  • Enables you to combine your interest in media with your desire to make a difference in the world
  • Pairs your classroom education with opportunities within our internship program and on-campus events and organizations
  • Gives you the critical thinking skills, knowledge of film and media, and extensive writing experience you need to pursue graduate studies and career opportunities in film, television, advertising, public relations, journalism, digital media, and a range of other fields
Director of Film and Media Studies, Tasha Oren

Students graduating with a BA in Film and Media Studies will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history of media and their impact on society
  • Demonstrate awareness of the different ways media are used around the world
  • Identify techniques used by moving image and other media
  • Analyze how film and media techniques shape the user's experience
  • Undertake independent research on media that demonstrates knowledge of disciplinary methods, concepts, and theories
  • Effectively participate in creative, technically competent, and meaningful media production
  • Communicate ideas clearly in a range of forms to diverse audiences

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