FMS alumni

FMS offers you an excellent liberal arts education paired with plenty of "hands-on" opportunities through our production courses and vibrant internship program. Tufts also provides a plethora of on-campus student media organizations such as opportunities at our daily newspaper, many magazines, media outlets, and online publications. 

Listen to what our alumni have to say about the program:

Jacob Ehrlich, A20

Jacob was a double major in Film and Media Studies and Computer Science. Learn about Jacob’s senior honors thesis process and the support he received from FMS to accomplish his goals.

Rachel Napoliello, A20

Rachel was a double major in Film and Media Studies and Chemistry. Listen to her talk about the strong sense of community she has gained From the Film and Media Studies program.

Lawrence Ojugbeli, A19

Lawrence has been an active member of the production community in FMS. Listen to Lawrence talk about how FMS has prepared him for a career in film and media.

Sebastean Gonzalez-Johnson, A18

Sebastean has had two internships during his time at Tufts where he has been lucky to put his FMS skills to good use. Listen to Sebastean talk about the benefits of internships.

Sharon Olivo, A17

Sharon came to Tufts with some experience in media, but at Tufts she has gained a larger more "worldly" perspective on filmmaking. Hear more about that and why she appreciates receiving such an education.

Jennifer Gewant, A16

Nikki Blank, A15

Nikki Blank, A15, discusses the experiences in the FMS program at Tufts that led to her job at WGBH.

Deb Frank, A15

Deb Frank, A15, discusses her role as a Production Assistant at WGBH.

Terence Tran, A12

Julie Rapaport, A06

Blair Ramsey, A04

Where do our recent graduates go?

  • FiveThirtyEight, New York
  • WBUR, Boston
  • Horizon Media, Boston
  • NBC News, New York
  • TripAdvisor, Boston
  • WNET, New York
  • Derris and Company, New York
  • Digitas, LBI, Boston/New York
  • International Creative Management (ICM), Los Angeles
  • CNN, New York

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