Minor in Film and Media Studies

A minor in Film and Media Studies provides students with an understanding of artistic potential and social effects of film and other forms of mass communication. Theoretical and practical knowledge are equally essential for media literacy, and in FMS, students will have the opportunity to take both critical studies and production courses.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • For the Minor in Film and Media Studies, a total of six courses are required. 
  • All FMS minors must complete and submit the Minor Declaration Form is due at the end of sophomore year; the Minor Checklist Form is due as part of the Graduation Packet during senior year.
  • Electives cannot be "double-counted"—an elective can only fulfill one FMS elective requirement.
  • No more than two practice electives may be counted toward the FMS minor.
  • An internship through the course FMS 0099 counts as a practice elective but does not fulfill the film and media practice elective requirement. Learn more about internships.
  • Only ONE FMS Directed Study (FMS 0195) can be counted toward the FMS minor.
  • Up to three courses taken abroad or at other universities can be counted toward the FMS minor at the discretion of the program director.

Course Requirements