The Film and Media Studies Program at teaches media literacy through the liberal arts. As a major or minor, you will learn about the history, theory, production, and cultural importance of film, television, and other media. When you choose an advisor, they will work with you to achieve these goals. Your advisor will be a valuable resource for academic, professional, and personal advice. They will mentor and guide through your academic career at Tufts and help you make the most of your interests.

To find an advisor in Film and Media Studies, visit our faculty. While you are not required to have an advisor with the exact same subject area interest as you, we do suggest that production students consider an appropriate advisor. 

A successful advising relationship depends on students communicating their interests, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. We recommend that you consult with your advisor throughout the year to review your options, not just during busy registration periods. If feel that your advisor is not a good fit for any reason, feel free to seek out another advisor who you feel is better suited to meet your needs.

If you have a question, or need help find an advisor, please contact Tasha Oren, FMS Director.

Advising Resources