Editing Lab, LL32

Editing Lab LL32
Editing Lab, LL32

The FMS editing lab is equipped with Mac computers with Adobe Premiere Suite, a large monitor connection, speakers, and white boards. This is a community workspace, which does not require a reservation for students currently taking FMS production classes, and other film and media faculty, staff, and students with swipe access. The lab may not be available during instructional hours; however, if the lab is empty students with access may use it and may also use during active class times at the discretion of the instructor.

Requesting swipe access

To request swipe access to the editing lab, please contact Gina O'Connor or Kyle Petty. Please include your Tufts ID number and the reason you’re requesting access.


Food and drink are not permitted in this space. It is the sole responsibility of the person using the lab to set-up and clean-up after each use. Personal items will be discarded after 24 hours if left behind. 

Access privileges to the editing lab will be revoked if guidelines are not met. Damage caused by gross neglect will be the responsibility of the person using the space.