Internship Credit

Can I get credit for an internship?

Yes! Most media-related internships qualify for credit under the course FMS99—Media Internships. By challenging you to problem-solve and reflect on your experiences, this course helps you get the most out of your internship and relate it to your academic and career interests.

Internships for credit:

  • Require enrollment in FMS99, including during the summer through the Tufts Summer School. (Summer internships for credit require that you pay for the course through the Tufts Summer School; this charge is separate from the tuition you pay during the academic year). See FMS 99 courses for more information.
  • Require coursework and meetings. See FMS 99 courses and sample syllabus for more information
  • Must be approved by Internship Administrator Leslie Goldberg
  • Earn 4 or 2 SHUs (academic credits), pass/fail, during the semester or summer
  • Must be done in an office under the guidance of media professionals (some remote/virtual hours permitted with consent of the instructor)
  • Must take place in Boston or surrounding towns during the fall or spring semesters
  • Can be done in other parts of the U.S. or abroad during the summer
  • Must earn credit during the semester/summer in which the internship takes place; you cannot get credit for an internship retroactively

Other internship credit requirements:

  • Film and Media Studies (FMS) majors and minors can count one internship towards their major or minor. The internship counts as an FMS media practice elective towards the major or minor, but does not fulfill the FMS media practice requirement.
  • Tufts allows students to count up to 2 internships toward their graduation requirements.
  • Tufts will only transfer internship credit from one of the Tufts Study Abroad programs or from the Boston University Study Abroad programs in London, Sydney, or Los Angeles. Internships done through other study abroad programs or independently while studying elsewhere will not be accepted for credit transfer.
  • Students cannot take internships for academic credit until the summer after their first year.

Internship Credit for International Students

If you are an international student, you need to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) through the Tufts International Center in order to do an internship for credit through FMS. To apply for CPT, please visit the International Center’s web page on Off Campus Employment.

You will need to fill out an application and write a short paragraph describing the link between your program of study and your off-campus internship. Please submit your application and essay to both the International Center and to Leslie Goldberg for approval. You may not begin work at your internship until you receive CPT approval.

During the summer, international students are not eligible for "career credit" through Tufts Career Services. In order to do a summer internship, international students need to sign up for FMS99 through the Tufts Summer School.

For more information, contact the International Center.