Saraceno Internship

C. J. Saraceno
The Saraceno Internship was established in memory of C. J. Saraceno, A11 (featured above).

The C. J. Saraceno Los Angeles Internship Fund provides financial support and transformational experiences to enterprising, creative Tufts students who would otherwise not have a chance to work in Los Angeles. The internship was established in memory of C. J. Saraceno, A11, a passionate creator who challenged the status quo. The scholarship is funded by alumni, friends, and family members who cared about C. J. – as well as those who were inspired by him.

Please check back for the application.

Past C. J. Saraceno Recipients:

  • Kylie Jost-Price, A22
  • Gabriela Romero, A20
  • Lomawa Maelene, A19
  • Audrey Fernandez, A18
  • Jessica Howard, A17
  • Ben Taylor, A16
  • Dylan Dempsey, A15