MS in Occupational Therapy (Entry-Level Master's)

Please Note: The final Entry-Level Master’s degree class has been accepted and started in Fall 2018.

As of June 2019, the Department of Occupational Therapy has transitioned to an Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Doctoral (EL-OTD). All future entry-level applicants will need to apply for the EL-OTD program.

Applications for admission to the Entry-Level OTD with requests for university-based financial aid, including scholarships and assistantships, must be submitted in a complete form by October 15 for summer entry.


The entry-level master's degree is a full-time program that prepares students for entry-level positions in occupational therapy. The program consists of four semesters of coursework as well as six months of unpaid fieldwork placements. Students have the option of completing the degree without a thesis.


If desired, non-thesis students may take two elective classroom courses in the department in addition to the 63 required semester hour units. Selected summer courses and programs are available, including courses in the summer prior to entry into the program. (63 total course credits required)


For students opting to do a thesis, an additional 6 semester hour units of thesis supervision are used to complete thesis. (69 total course credits required)


A bachelor's degree in a field other than occupational therapy. Candidates enter the program at the professional level and proceed to eventual certification as registered occupational therapists.


All prerequisites (total of six courses) must be passed with a grade of B- or better and taken at an accredited college. Online courses are ONLY accepted for statistics. All other Prerequisites must be taken onsite. We do not accept hybrid courses.

  • One course in Developmental Psychology or Human Development (will accept a course in the area of Child Development or Life Span Development) – no online courses accepted
  • Abnormal Psychology – no online courses accepted
  • One additional social science course (this course can be in the area of psychology, anthropology, sociology) – no online courses accepted
  • Two courses in biology, including content in cell biology. (Either A&P I and II, or a semester of Anatomy and a semester of Physiology may be substituted for the Biology prerequisite.) One Biology course must have a lab component. – no online courses accepted
  • One course in introductory statistics – online courses ARE accepted
  • Certificate of Hepatitis B vaccination upon enrollment is required.