Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate

The Post-Professional Doctoral Program (PPOTD) is for occupational therapists with a master’s degree. The PPOTD prepares occupational therapists to fulfill leadership roles that will make an impact on individuals and groups in society and the world in such areas as health, functioning, wellness, and quality of life.

Program Requirements and Policies

To receive a Master of Science degree in the Occupational Therapy, Post-Professional Program, students must satisfactorily complete (receive grades of B- or better) a minimum of 30 credits, including required and elective courses. 

The program typically takes a full calendar year (fall, spring, summer semesters) for a full-time student to complete.  However, it is possible to complete the program within an academic year (fall, spring semesters). 

Domestic students may matriculate on a part-time basis.

Course Requirements

  • OTS 208 Clinical Reasoning IV: Evidence Based Practice (3 credits)
  • OTS 286 Leadership Project Planning (4 credits)
  • OTS 287 Leadership Project Implementation (6 credits)
  • OTS 288 Outcomes Measurement and Monitoring: Using Data to Inform Practice (3 credits)
  • OTS 289 Integrative Paper (4 credits)
  • OTS 297 and OTS 298 Proseminar (2 credits each)
  • Two Graduate Level Courses in Specialty Area (total 6 credits)

Students can take courses at other universities in the area through the Boston Consortium.

286 Leadership Project Planning

Students under advisement of faculty sponsors plan and develop, in an area of specialty in occupational therapy practice, a comprehensive leadership project that can be either community or clinically based.

The project involves a need assessment and feasibility study, interfacing with potential agencies, and the development of appropriate methodology for evaluation and successful implementation. The project proposal must be approved by a committee of the doctoral faculty.

  • One-half course credit
  • Prerequisite: OTD students only
  • Co-requisites: OTS 208 and 288

Sample Full-Time Schedule

Fall Semester (Full-Time recommended) - 15 Credits

  • OTS 288 (3 credits)
  • OTS 208 (3 credits)
  • OTS 286 (4 credits)
  • OTS 297 (2 credits)
  • Course in Specialty Area (3 credits)

Spring Semester - 15 Credits

  • OTS 289 (4 credits)
  • OTS 287 (6 credits)
  • OTS 298 (2 credits)
  • Course in Specialty Area (3 credits)

*The pro-seminar course is required for EACH semester enrolled in the program for both part-time and full-time students. One fall Pro-Sem 297 and one Spring Pro-Sem 298 taken for 2 credits each; other enrolled semesters, 0 credit each time.