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Students in an OT classroom

For complete information about tuition and fees for Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences programs, please visit the Graduate Admissions website. Information about OT programs is included under the “Professional Graduate Programs” drop down.

Graduate Admissions Tuition Information Cost of Attendance for Graduate School 

Summer 2024 OT Tuition Information

Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Doctorate (EL-OTD)
 Year 1Year 2Year 3
Tuition Per-Credit$1,233$1,233*$1,233*
Number of Credits RequiredSummer I: 11 credits
Fall I: 15 credits
Spring I: 16 credits
Total=42 credits
Summer II: 7 credits
Fall II: 19 credits
Spring: II: 17 credits
Total=43 credits
Summer III: 9 credits
Fall III: 6 credits
Spring III: 6 credits
Total=21 credits
Tuition Subtotal$51,786$53,019*$25,893*
University Health Fee$1,022$1,022*$1,022*
Student Activity Fee$62$62*$62*
Tuition and Fee Subtotal$52,870$54,103*$26,977
Post-Professional OTD & Post-Professional MS
 Year 1
Tuition Per-Credit$1,797
Number of Credits Required30 Credits
Tuition Subtotal$53,910
University Health Fee$1,022
Student Activity Fee$62
Tuition & Fee Subtotal$54,994

Important Notes

  • Entry-level OTD students frequently take electives, adding up to about 6 additional credits. Each elective course costs $1,233/credit.
  • These amounts are based on 2024 rates and do not factor in annual increases.
  • Figures for university tuition, fees, and health insurance are preliminary and subject to approval by the Board of Trustees in May for the following academic year.
  • Visit the Student Financial Services website for more information on the Cost of Attendance for Graduate School.  

Billing & Payment Options

Information to help graduate students prepare to receive their bill, learn about applying for federal student aid and how it is applied to their bill, and how to utilize the 10-month payment plan that runs from July to April can be found on the Financial Services Website. The Financial Services division of Student Services will be your main point of contact for anything related to graduate student billing and loans.  

Where do I go with questions about…

Federal Financial Aid & Billing | Your first contact should be the specialists in Student Services who are trained to answer any questions you may have about financial aid and billing issues. If they cannot answer your question, you will be referred to your aid counselor. All graduate students are assigned to Christi Lipman and Kyle Ashworth.

For Scholarship Awarded & Fellowship Opportunities, contact Jill Rocca.