Fieldwork Education

OT team wearing pink shirts

Fieldwork is a crucial part of occupational therapy education. These experiences provide opportunities to carry out professional responsibilities with supervision and role modeling provided by a fieldwork educator. Fieldwork takes place in a variety of settings and areas of practice. Two types of fieldwork experiences are included within occupational therapy curricula, Level I experiences and Level II fieldwork. The Tufts fieldwork coordinators arrange Level I experiences and Level II fieldwork placements in collaboration with faculty, students, and site fieldwork educators/coordinators. The primary goal when matching students with fieldwork placements is to ensure quality experiences, preparing the student to be an entry-level clinician. To best achieve this goal with Level II fieldwork placements, students should be prepared to relocate outside of Boston for one experience and/or drive more than an hour to fieldwork sites.

Fieldwork Office

Meredith Grinnell, OTD, OT, Lecturer; Level I Fieldwork Coordinator
Ryan Whitney, OTD, OT, MA, Lecturer; Academic Fieldwork Coordinator