MA in Art History and Museum Studies

The master's program in Art History and Museum Studies is designed to give students advanced qualification in art history and a broad introduction to museum work. The program is offered for those hoping to work in art collection-related fields. It provides students with skills to integrate the theoretical study of art history with practical concerns of displaying, managing, and interpreting art objects in a variety of museum settings. Students take courses in art history and museum studies simultaneously. Graduates of this program typically pursue careers in museums, art galleries, art publishing, museum education, teaching, art libraries, visual resource collection, or auction houses.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Reading knowledge of one non-English language is required for entry into this program.
  • Students must complete six semester-long courses in art history at the advanced (100 and above) level including HAA 101: Historiography and Methodology, and at least two seminars.
  • Students must also complete five courses in Museum Studies, including a museum internship.
  • Students must write a master's thesis; or write two Qualifying Papers; or write a Qualifying Paper and take an additional art history seminar.
  • Students must also take a comprehensive exam.