Students at conference table for master's thesis presentation

Faculty Research Fields

While members of the faculty all have their own individual specializations in terms of period, region, and genre we also share a number of research interests and fields. 

Mobility, Exchange, and Appropriation

Research includes the study of networks, networks of trade, beliefs, science, and power.

Museums, Architecture, and Heritage

Research includes the processes and explorations of how values and meanings get (im)materialized, represented, negotiated, displayed, explained, contested and circulated within the public sphere.

Power, Difference, and Gender

Research includes probing into questions of power, genders and representation.

Iconology and Visual Culture

Research on visual culture ranges from the history of images of African heritage to the relation between photography and trauma.

Materiality, Aesthetics, and Media

Research includes art as a synesthetic experience, combining many different sensual perceptions.

Disciplinarity and Historiography

Research investigates the historical circumstances of certain fields, subjects, and methods of study.