Students at conference table for master's thesis presentation

Faculty Research Fields

While members of the faculty all have their own individual specializations in terms of period, region, and genre we also share a number of research interests and fields. Explore a list of overlapping fields in which faculty currently collaborate.

Thematic Clusters

Museums, Architecture, and Heritage

Faculty: Maranci, Martinez, McClellan, Probst, Zavala

Power, Difference, and Gender

Faculty: Kaminishi, McClellan, Melius, Probst, Zavala

Iconology and Visual Culture

Faculty: Melius, Probst, Rosenberg

Materiality, Aesthetics, and Media

Faculty: Kaminishi, Maranci, Martinez, Melius, Rosenberg, Stewart-Halevy

Disciplinarity and Historiography

Faculty: Maranci, McClellan, Melius, Probst, Rosenberg