Minor in Architectural Studies

The architectural studies minor is intended to equip the student with an understanding of the built environment, whether it is a Greek temple, a skyscraper, or a city, and gain an overview of architecture.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • This minor requires a total of five courses of three credits each.
  • All courses used in fulfillment of a minor must be taken for a letter grade (not pass/fail).
  • No more than two courses used for any minor, regardless of the number of semester hours they carry, may be used toward a foundation or distribution requirement, or toward a major or another minor.

Course Requirements

The minor in Architectural Studies for liberal arts consists of five courses.

  • Introductory Art History Course* FAH (Architectural content strongly preferred)
  • FAH 8: Introduction to Architecture
  • One Studio Art Course FAH 96, 97; DRWM 26, GRAM 20 - as of spring 2018 (formerly FAM 20, 22, 23, 26)
  • One Engineering Core Class: EN 1, (ES 2, or CS 11), ES 5, ES 18, ES 25, CEE 32, CEE 188
  • One Upper-level Architectural history course: FAH 115, FAH 120, FAH 125, FAH 127, FAH 192 (architecture) 195, 196, 198 (architecture)

*Introductory level courses are identified as such in the course catalog.

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