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Understanding the sources, aesthetics, and significance of images and spaces that people use to communicate—whether in the confined world of art or beyond—is crucial for anyone wanting to play an active part in society.

Students taking art and architectural history classes can expect to learn how to look at and write about works of art and spaces. They will also learn about the historical and transcultural contexts in which visual works emerge and operate. Students will find themselves immersed in questions of politics, identity, religion, economics, mobility, communication, and many other topics.

Students majoring in art history or architectural studies usually go on to graduate programs and/or use their skills as a base to pursue careers in fields such as curation, education, architecture, design, media, publishing, or non-profit advocacy.


BA in History of Art and Architecture

The major in the History of Art and Architecture provides students with a critical and globally informed understanding of art and visual culture.

BA in Architectural Studies

The major in Architectural Studies provides students with the skills and knowledge to understand, design, and write about historical and contemporary architecture, landscape, and urban spaces.

Minor in History of Art and Architecture

A minor in the History of Art and Architecture complements your studies and provides insight into the importance of images and the history of ideas they transport.

Minor in Architectural Studies

An interdisciplinary minor for students interested in the study of architecture's history, theory and practice.

Minor in Museums, Memory, and Heritage

The Museums, Memory, and Heritage Minor is designed for students who wish to study museums, the institutionalization of memory, monuments, and cultural heritage both from an academic point of view and as a potential career path.

Minor in Studio Art

A Studio Art minor lets students complement their studies with studio art courses taken either on the Medford/Somerville campus or at SMFA at Tufts.

Joint BSE in Architectural Studies

This joint program with the School of Engineering's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering prepares students for graduate study in architecture.

SMFA Combined Degree (BFA + BA/BS)

Offered with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. This five year program allows students to complete a BFA in studio art as well as a BA or BS in any major in the School of Arts and Sciences.


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