Summer Study and Study Abroad

Summer Study

The Summer Scholars Program is an university-wide initiative that offers research apprenticeships with faculty/clinical mentors to motivated Tufts undergraduates.

Students interested in summer study of architecture are recommended to explore opportunities provided by professional schools of architecture. For example, in the Boston area Harvard University's Graduate School of Design Career Discovery Program offers an intensive, six-week introduction to architectural design and career paths. Completion of a summer design class can often be used to satisfy the major's architectural design core requirement (FAH 96).

Study Abroad

Architectural Studies majors are encouraged to consider studying abroad in their junior year for either one or two semesters. The opportunity to live, attend school, and see architecture first-hand elsewhere enhances students' understanding of architectural history and contemporary practice. Courses taken abroad can count towards the major's requirements.

For students seeking an architecture intensive academic study abroad experience, Tufts students are eligible to apply for year-long enrollment at the University of London's renowned Bartlett School of Architecture through the Tufts-in-London program.

There are also numerous excellent opportunities to study at other university's abroad programs in what are typically called pre-architecture programs, emphasizing studio work in architectural design as well as courses in architectural and urban history. Examples include:

All these architectural-design focused programs can help prepare students for graduate study through enhancing skills and building portfolio material. Architectural studies majors also frequently study abroad in non-architecture focused programs, taking whatever variety of courses interest them.

For information about the full range of study abroad opportunities, plus procedures for application and credit transfer, consult with Tufts Global Education office.