Minor in Museums, Memory, and Heritage

The Museums, Memory, and Heritage Minor is designed for students who wish to study museums, the institutionalization of memory, monuments, and cultural heritage both from an academic point of view and as a potential career path. Supervision of the minor will rotate among faculty.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • This minor requires total of six courses of three credits each, which includes three core courses and three electives.
  • All courses used in fulfillment of a minor must be taken for a letter grade (not pass/fail).
  • No more than two courses used for any minor, regardless of the number of semester hours they carry, may be used toward a foundation or distribution requirement, or toward a major or another minor.

Course Requirements

Three courses from the following list of core courses:

  • FAH 009: The Art World
  • FAH 160: Museum History & Theory
  • FAH 163: Art and Anthropology
  • FAH 164: Who Owns the Past?

Three courses from the following list of electives:

  • ANTH 0149-15 Archaeology & Colonialism 
  • FAH 0002: Introduction to Western Art from 1500
  • FAH 0008: Introduction to Architecture
  • FAH 0009: The Art World
  • FAH 0095/0195: Boston Architecture and Urbanism: A Spatial Study of Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora
  • FAH 0099: Supervised internship
  • FAH 0160: Museum History & Theory
  • FAH 0163: Art and Anthropology
  • FAH 0164: Who Owns the Past?
  • FAH 0186: Latina/o Presence in Art and Visual Culture
  • GER 0077/GER 0177: German Colonial Fantasies: "A Place in the Sun"
  • HIST 0010: Colonialism in the Global World (CST 11)
  • HIST 0170: Colonialism and Decolonization (CST 194)
  • HIST 0173: Black and Native New England
  • REL: 0110: Sacred Spaces, Contested Places
  • SOC 0011 Sociology of Race and Culture
  • VISC 0020: Interpreting Art: Tools for Critiquing, Creating, and Curating
  • VISC 0122: Reassessing Museums: Collecting and Art
  • VISC 0155: Reimagining America: Colonial Views and Returning Gazes
  • VISC 0180: Critical Perspectives of the Americas
  • VMS 0122: A Reassessment of Collecting, Exhibiting, and Marketing Art and Culture at the Museum
  • VMS 0141: Afro-Brazilian Diaspora at the MFA
  • VMS 0143: Close Looking and Art Interpretation at the MFA
  • VMS 0193-01: Cultures of Collecting: Drawing a Global Landscape
  • VMS 0193: Materiality and Decolonial Thinking

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