Internships and Job Opportunities

Undergraduate Program Internships

Internships can be an important and valuable addition to your college education. While the department does not offer academic credits for internships, (one exception: FAH 98 for senior architectural studies majors only) we nevertheless strongly encourage students to seek and gather work experience. The following links aim to help students find and apply for internships. Students may also seek additional guidance from their art history academic advisors and from Tufts Career Services office.

    • Even non-paying internships at many museums are extremely competitive. Begin the application process as early as possible.
    • Our Undergraduate Studies Director is happy to advise and help out in this process, but remember that part of the internship experience is learning to take initiative. Consult the museum's website and locate information on Internships; you may need to look under "Volunteer" or "Education" pages. Don't be shy about calling the museum up and finding out the application procedure.
    • Please let faculty know as soon as possible if we will need to write you a letter of recommendation. Please be sure we have your updated resume or C.V., and any other information that will help us make an effective recommendation for you.
    • We are happy to review your resume and application essay with you.
    • In some cases, you may be asked to interview for the position; please be sure to present yourself professionally and be ready to articulate clearly your museum interests and background.
    • A written internship agreement helps to specify the precise duties you will have as an intern. Your internship should involve you in substantive work in a museum setting. Inevitably, all interns do some mundane tasks, but most of the work should be intellectually challenging and immerse you in a professional setting that will be useful to you in your education and future career. If you do not feel you are being sufficiently trained or challenged, please let your work supervisor and faculty supervisor know so we can collaboratively find better options.
    • We expect that students will strive to do first rate work in their internship, at times "going above and beyond the call of duty." Remember that a recommendation from a faculty member can be crucial for securing paid employment after graduation and can be very helpful in graduate program admissions.
    • Please be sure to keep in close touch with your work supervisor, and confirm regularly if your work is meeting her or his expectations. Please let your faculty advisor know if you are encountering any challenges or problems during the internship. We are also happy to give feedback on work products in process, such as draft labels or proposed lesson plans.
    • We advise that you keep a record of your email correspondence with your work supervisor, so that there is clear documentation of the expectations you have attempted to fulfill.
  • There are also dozens of museums and galleries in the greater Boston area. Many of them do offer internship opportunities. There is also the world of local history museums, preservation agencies and many more. Needless to say, competition is high. So you should do your own research. Below we have listed just the most popular ones.

Graduate Program Internships

Candidates for the Master in Art History and Museum Studies are required to take FAH 289 Museum Internship and will receive credit.

With the generosity of Hope Barkan, a friend of the department and former MA student in Art History & Museum Studies, the department is able to help fund current students in the AH/MS track secure internships as a part of their degree program. Find out more here Information about the Barkan Museum Studies Internship Fund and how to apply here

Students may wish to contact the Tufts University Art Galleries. The Galleries offers graduate fellowships, Museum Studies Program internships, and other opportunities.