Past Thesis Titles

Year Student Title Faculty Advisor 2nd Reader
2020 Cecelia L. Rosenman "Making and Taking: Colonial Histories and Decolonial Possibilities in Photography." Adriana Zavala Peter Probst
2019 Ella Huzenis "Solving the City: The Urban Interventions of Gordon Matta-Clark, Ugo La Pietra, and Stephen Willats" Jeremy Melius Jacob Stewart-Halevy 
2019 Eran Sabaner* "Politicizing Ottoman Art: Neo-Ottoman Style in Contemporary Turkish Art"  Jacob Stewart-Halevy Eva Hoffman
2018 Phoebe Cavise  "Celebrity and the Abstract Expressionists" Eric M Rosenberg  
2018 Madeline Onstwedder  "The Intersection of Theory and Practice in the Museum of Fine Art’s Displays of Native American Art" Andrew McClellan  
2018 Helen Sibila  "Kandinsky" Jeremy Melius Cristelle Baskins
2018 Mary Travers*  "The Hours of the Virgin [Use of Paris]" Christina Maranci Karen Overbey
2017 Yuhan Qin "A Political Fantasy: Female Images in the Late Ming Dynasty Chinese Erotic Paintings" Eric M Rosenberg Ikumi Kaminishi
2017 Chloe Hyman* "Cobra: Psychological, Political, and Artistic Response to the Second World War" Eric M Rosenberg Jeremy Melius
2016 Amanda Rhine* Beyond the World; A Study on the Effects of the Protestant Reformation on Church Architecture in Ireland and Scotland Karen Overbey  
2016 Erin Dimson Doyle Queering Identity in David Wojnarowicz’s Sex Series Adriana Zavala Eric Rosenberg
2015 Julie Perrone Disaster Relief and Environmental architectures: Architectural Responses to Globally Impacting Issues  Ikumi Kaminishi Daniel  Abramson
2015 Nolan Jimbo* Trace of Presence: Pierre Soulages and the Status of Gesture inPostwar France Jeremy Melius Adriana Zavala
2014 Alexander Goodhouse* White Road/Black Shirt: Giorgio Morandi and Italian Fascism Cristelle Baskins Silvia Bottinelli
2014 Emily Cannon Comparative Synagogue Architecture in the Venetian Ghetto, 1500-1800 Daniel Abramson Christina Maranci
2013 Carly Boxer* "A Strange Chaos": Preserving Internet art in the Wake of Walter Benjamin's Critical Legacy Monica McTighe Peter Probst & K. Overbey 
2013 Kathryn Kroetch "And You Will Find the Truth Here:' A Neglected Seventh-Century Description of the Holy Sepulchre Christina Maranci  E. Hoffman & K. Overbey
2013 Kathryn Grace Myers The Walls of WomanHouse Ikumi Kaminishi Silvia Bottinelli 
2012 Jielin Hu Art as Catalyst in the Politicization of Ai Weiwei Ikumi Kaminishi Karen Overbey
2012 Mary DeCamp The Architecture of Play Daniel Abramson Adriana Zavala
2012 Daniel Richards The Boston Triple-Decker Daniel Abramson Ryan Centner
2012 Adam Kulewicz "Simon Vouet and Jacques Blanchard : Rivalité à Paris?" Cristelle Baskins Andrew McClellan
2012 Anna Majeski The Printed Books of Hours of Thielman Kerver: Exploring Printer, Shop, Community, and Book. Karen Overbey Eva Hoffman
2012 Michelle Wilson* Gothic Revival at Home: Nineteenth-Century British Medievalism and the Decorative Arts  Karen Overbey Daniel Abramson
2011 Emily Anderson "An Image Within An Image":  The Representation of Cameos in Cinquecento Portraiture  Cristelle Baskins Karen Overbey
2011 Jeffrey Gaudet Icons of Architecture and Fashion: An Exploration of the Complex Relationship Between the Two Fields Daniel Abramson Judy Blotnick
2011 Katherine Rice Vulnerable and Threatening: Edward Hopper's Female Nudes Monica McTighe Eric Rosenberg
2011 LuMay Wang* The Politics of Visual Culture: 2010 Shanghai World Expo  Ikumi Kaminishi David Art 
2010 Esme Spainer "Thuis Best": The Highly-Ordered Home in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Genre Painting Andrew McClellan Christina Maranci
2010 Elaine Hoffman Adaptive Reuse of Mega-stores: Transforming an Icon of Suburban Inefficiency into a Model of Sustainability  Daniel Abramson Monica McTighe
2010 Mae-ling Lokko* The Brazil House: An exploration of Accra's Urban Growth Through a Critical Geography of Architecture  Peter Probst Daniel Abramson

*Madeline Harrison Caviness Prize
The Department of the History of Art and Architecture has established the Madeline Harrison Caviness Prize in honor of our esteemed senior colleague. This prize will be awarded annually to the undergraduate major whose senior honors thesis merits recognition for its intellectual rigor, creativity, and scholarly promise.