Awards and Funding Opportunities

  • The Lily Glidden Award (available to undergraduates and graduate students)
    With the Lily Glidden Award, Lily's family and friends honor her memory and carry on her spirit of curiosity, never-ending adventure, irreverent tolerance of the rules, determination to surmount all obstacles, and above all, the wonder and joy she took at immersing herself in and learning about the natural world. Her life was about finding and seizing opportunities to turn her dreams to realities, and she would wish to help others do the same.

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  • The Russell L. Carpenter Fund for Teaching and Research in Biology (available to undergraduates students)
    The Russell L. Carpenter Fund for Teaching and Research in Biology at Tufts University was established in 1983 by Dr. Cynthia McFadden and Dr. Russell F. Carpenter in honor of their father, distinguished Tufts alumnus and Professor of Zoology, Russell LeGrand "Bud" Carpenter, A24, H77.

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  • The Civic Biology Fellowship (available to undergraduates students)
    The Civic Biology Fellowship Program is designed to train undergraduate Biology students (Civic Biology Fellows) to integrate their passion for biology with learning how to be more effective communicators, science advocates and science stewards on biology issues of public interest. Fellows will learn to engage those who have been historically excluded from participating in science by addressing racism and marginalization that persist in science.

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