Faculty Highlights

faculty gathering outside Tufts new Science and Engineering Complex

Academic Year 2022-2023

This summer a large group of collaborators including Tufts Biology Professor Michael Reed received a large NSF grant to work on 'Predicting Emergence in Multidisciplinary Pandemic Tipping Points'; the research funded by this grant will directly support our ability to address many of the complex and interconnected challenges in pandemic preparedness and response.

This August 2022, Mimi Kao gave a talk, "Vocal Plasticity in the Songbird" at a Gordon Conference on the Neural Mechanisms of Acoustic Communication at Mt. Holyoke.

In July 2022, Mitch McVey, with McVey Lab members Terrence Hanscom, Nicholas Woodward, Rebecca Batorsky, Alexander J Brown, Steven A Roberts, published a paper on Nucleic Acids Research that has been a year in the making! You can read their work, "Characterization of sequence contexts that favor alternative end joining at Cas9-induced double-strand breaks" in
Nucleic Acids Research, gkac575, here.

Summer 2022 was an exciting one for Assistant Professor Mimi Kao, who was delighted to offer her talents being a module director at the Neural Systems & Behavior Course at Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

The “30 Year Bird Project”, a study which aims to identify causes of and curb the decline of the bird population of North America, and on which our own Michael Reed is Co-PI received some press in June 2022. Read about the study.

In June 2022, former grad student of Professor Michael Reed, Dr. Charles van Rees posted a Tedx Talk:
"Nature is an all-you-can-eat buffet of new ideas," says Dr. van Rees, "and perhaps we've been too hasty to dismiss nature's limitless teachings in our busy modern world." In his talk, (titled "A glance through nature's playbook") Charles explains how to be more present to the teachings around us and why we should think twice about what we might be throwing away as the loss of the natural world continues. Learn more about Dr. van Rees and view his Tedx Talk here.