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Please browse our faculty pages to learn about research interests of faculty members who are currently accepting graduate students. If you have a strong interest in working with a particular faculty member, you are encouraged to contact them by email to discuss opportunities.

The research interests of the faculty collectively represent most areas of Biology but can be described in six main overlapping concentrations. Our program is unusual for the extent of interaction that occurs among the various research laboratories in these areas. Thus, while becoming expert in a particular research area, students also have the opportunity to assimilate a broader perspective on biology that often leads to more imaginative research ideas. Different laboratories also collaborate to share equipment, methodology, and experimental approaches, a practice which amplifies the intellectual and technical resources available to each individual research project.

Our faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows enjoy a stimulating and productive research environment. Research equipment and facilities are state of the art for the specialties represented by our faculty. Most of the faculty support their research and that of their students with grants awarded by a variety of federal agencies and private foundations.