Research Areas

The research interests of the faculty collectively represent most areas of biology and can be described in six overlapping concentrations:

blue throat songbird

Ecology, Behavior and Evolution

Research includes diverse aspects of adaptation, animal movement and habitat selection, sexual selection, social behavior, community assembly, stress, insect-plant interactions, speciation, evolution, metamorphosis, and wildlife management.

california lake in winter

Global Change Biology

Research focus includes diverse aspects of conservation, habitat loss and fragmentation, range expansion and contraction, invasion ecology, extinction risk, stress physiology, adaptation, resilience, ocean acidification, and climate change.

cells magnified

Genetics and Molecular Biology

The area of Genetics and Molecular Biology is the study of the fundamental workings of the cell, and how cells function in the context of an organism.

African clawed frogs

Developmental Biology

This burgeoning field of biology seeks to understand how complex tissues and organisms arise from the ordered expression of genes and signaling interactions between cells.

Students wearing goggles in a laboratory are engaged in a scientific experiment.

Biology Education Research

Research in this area explores learning, instruction and curriculum design specific to the discipline of biology at the undergraduate and graduate levels.