Mitch McVey

Mitch McVey

(617) 627-4196
200 Boston Ave
Research/Areas of Interest: Molecular Biology: Drosophila genetics and DNA repair


  • PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, United States, 2001
  • BA, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, United States, 1994


The McVey laboratory studies molecular mechanisms of DNA repair, recombination, and damage tolerance using Drosophila melanogaster as a model system. The wealth of tools available in the Drosophila system allows us to make rapid progress towards elucidating conserved mechanisms that have an impact upon DNA stability and genome evolution.

Specifically, we are investigating how cells repair DNA double-strand breaks, with an emphasis on error-prone repair mechanisms such as alternative end joining. We have proposed a novel model for alternative end joining that can explain many different types of end-joining repair junctions. Current efforts in the lab are focused on testing this model and determining the genetic requirements for alternative end joining.

Other questions that we are addressing include:

How do translesion DNA polymerases contribute to homologous recombination repair?
How do mutations in highly conserved repair genes affect chromosome integrity?
How is DNA repair and damage tolerance regulated in different tissues?
What mechanisms of mutagenesis are most relevant to tumorigenesis and aging?