Russell L. Carpenter Summer Internship

The Russell L. Carpenter Fund for Teaching and Research in Biology at Tufts University was established in 1987 by Cynthia McFadden and Russell F. Carpenter in honor of their father, distinguished Tufts alumnus and Professor of Zoology, Russell LeGrand "Bud" Carpenter, A24, H77.

Bud first entered Tufts as a student in 1920, intending to study English. But thanks to the inspiring lectures of Tufts biology professors Herbert Neal and Fred Lambert, Bud decided to study biology and a lifelong passion began.

Professor Russell L. Carpenter sitting at P.T. Barnum's desk, ca. 1955

After graduation in 1924, Bud attended Harvard University, earning a doctorate in zoology in 1928. He taught at Columbia University, in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, before eventually deciding to return to his alma mater.

For the thirty years that was his teaching career at Tufts (1938-1968), Bud was a much-loved, well-respected professor. His research eventually led to the creation of the Radiobiology Research Laboratory, where he served as director and principal investigator. Bud also established the Tufts University Barnum Collection, which included letters and personal mementos of P.T. Barnum and acted as the collection's curator.

Bud was also a loyal and dedicated alumnus. For almost seventy years, he was secretary of the Class of 1924. He was the inaugural editor of the Tufts Alumni Review, president of the New York Tufts Club, and a member of the Tufts Alumni Council. He received the Tufts Alumni Distinguished Service Award in 1942 and served on the committees in charge of redesigning the Tufts Seal and the Tufts Chair.

Professor Carpenter retired from Tufts in 1969 and, in 1977, Tufts presented him with an honorary degree, recognizing his life-long dedication to his alma mater, both professionally and personally.

Application Process

This is an opportunity for two undergraduate to be paid to carry out research with faculty members in biology.

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Application Deadline: March 14, 2022

Award to be Announced: March 29, 2022

Please submit application materials to the Biology Department.

Programs from other universities are posted on the bulletin board across from the Biology Department office, and on our Research Opportunities webpage.

2022 Carpenter Summer Internship Recipients

Anicka AbiChedid studied the role of DNA repair proteins that recognize problems in DNA replication caused by a repeated CAG sequence. Her work in Dr. Catherine Freudenreich’s lab aims to better understand cell defenses against genome instabilities that cause disease.

Sophie Kurilla studied primate social behavior this summer in Dr. Zarin Machanda’s lab. She highlighted effects of seasonal food availability on patterns of social play among adult and adolescent wild chimpanzees. She went on to explore playfulness as a personality trait in captive gorillas.

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