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Our students are always looking for new media-related opportunities and are interested in wide-ranging media fields, from film and TV production to podcasting, journalism, social media, branding, and more. Students doing media internships are eligible to receive academic credit by enrolling in our Media Internship course.

We welcome new and returning employers to list their internships through the Film and Media Studies program—and we are always interested in learning about new opportunities. If you would like to recruit Tufts students for your internships, we encourage you to:

List Internship Opportunities

For general internship information, please fill out an Internship Site Information Sheet and email it to Internship Administrator Leslie Goldberg. This information will be added to our online media internship database, which  students search to find positions. 

For current internship opportunities, please send the listing to Leslie Goldberg, including general responsibilities, whether it is paid or unpaid, the position start date, and application details. These listings will be sent to students in our bi-monthly e-newsletter, the Internship Digest.

Visit Tufts Career Center

Tufts Career Center has everything you need to know about posting internships on Handshake, Tufts Virtual Career Fairs, Employer Partner & Sponsorships, and resources for building your company's internship program.

Participate in our Media Winternship Program

FMS Winternships are intensive internships held during winter break, usually lasting one to two weeks. These internships can be conducted in-person, hybrid, or remotely. They offer students immersive experiences in the media industries by placing them in prestigious organizations across the country. The Winternships provide valuable real-world experience in various media sectors, such as filmmaking, television, radio, advertising, marketing, public relations, digital media, and journalism. Participants engage in special projects, shadow professionals, and actively participate in the daily operations of their assigned sites.

Winterns are selected from a diverse pool of Tufts applicants who meet specific academic criteria, have relevant coursework in media studies, and submit well-researched and thought-provoking essays tailored to each Winternship site. Some Winternships may also be offered for course credit. Announcements and applications for Winternship sites are made in early October, and the selection process is typically completed by mid-November.

If you are interested in hosting a media Winternship, please submit this interest form, and informational emails will be sent in early September.

Media Internship Blog

Want to hear from students and employers about their unique FMS internship experiences? Visit our FMS Narratives Media Internship blog!