Great Wall of China

The Chinese track is designed to equip students with a solid foundation in cultural and linguistic literacy, an in-depth understanding of the Chinese literary tradition, and critical awareness of contemporary cultural issues through studies of literature, film, and other cultural products.

The minor in Chinese is intended for students wishing to apply their training in Chinese to a broad range of professional and academic pursuits.

Students of Chinese have found that their knowledge of the language and culture gives them a competitive advantage in public and private sectors as well as in further study. Our graduates, some after training in graduate and professional schools, have gone on to careers in government, foreign service, law, academia, banking and international business from the mainland and Taiwan to Hong Kong and Singapore. As China continues to strengthen trade ties and develop joint economic ventures with the United States, the demand for Americans who know Chinese is bound to increase.

Students can major in International Literary & Cultural Studies-Chinese or minor in Chinese. 

BA in International Literary & Cultural Studies – Chinese  Minor in Chinese

Students who matriculated in Fall 2023 or earlier may pursue the BA in Chinese Language & Cultural Studies. 

BA in Chinese Language & Cultural Studies