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The BA in International Literary and Cultural Studies presents a multifaceted path to studying languages, literatures, film, and cultures. Through a combination of comparative courses and single language/culture courses (Arabic, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian), the new ILCS major allows students to pursue either a comparative track or to focus on one region. This flexible course of study provides a strong linguistic and intellectual foundation to live and work in a multicultural world.

The ILCS major is designed with the goal of contextualizing and correlating cultures, both one’s “own” and “others”, and providing students with a set of analytical and communicative tools for understanding of and functioning in the complex and entwined global environment. While anchoring its mission in a language study which equips students with practical skills and familiarizes them with a given cultural landscape, the ILCS major also explores regional complexities through its focused single-culture courses which dive deeply into the region’s literary and visual output and its socio-historical condition. Finally, the multicultural courses, which count towards both single or comparative tracks, are conceptualized as bridges among cultures in an attempt to both examine their points of differentiation and identify the commonalities.  

BA in International Literary and Cultural Studies - Comparative