Christmas markets in Berlin

The German program promotes an understanding of the extraordinary contributions made by German-speaking writers, artists, and thinkers to the past eight hundred years of civilization, and their implications for the modern world in which Germany and the German speaking countries play a pivotal role. It provides a gateway to cultural studies and international affairs and business. A wide range of courses in German gives students with varied interests and goals the opportunity to attain a thorough knowledge of the language, literature, and general culture. The program also provides a significant number of courses in English so that students not conversant in German may become familiar with important aspects of German culture and contemporary life.

Students can major in either International Literary & Cultural Studies-German or German Studies, both with the added option of spending 1-2 semesters abroad with Tufts-in-Tübingen. 

BA in International Literary & Cultural Studies – German BA in German Studies Minor in German

Students who matriculated in Fall 2023 or earlier may pursue the BA in German Language & Cultural Studies. 

BA in German Language & Cultural Studies 

German Language House

The program sponsors a German Language House on campus. During the semester, regular activities include the "Kaffeestunde" and a "German Film Series". Contact Doris Pfaffinger for more information.