BA in International Literary & Cultural Studies

As of Fall 2024, the Department offers one ILCS major with two options.

Option 1: Single language/culture with six possible language tracks

Arabic Chinese German Hebrew Japanese Russian

Option 2: Comparative track


Interdisciplinary Majors

The Department offers two interdisciplinary majors: German Studies and Russian and Eastern European Studies. 

BA in German Studies BA in Russian & Eastern European Studies

Majors for Matriculated Students in Fall 2023 or Earlier

Students who matriculated in Fall 2023 or earlier may still pursue the following majors: Arabic Language and Cultural Studies, Chinese Language and Cultural Studies, German Language and Cultural Studies, Japanese Language and Cultural Studies, Russian Language and Cultural Studies.

BA in Arabic Language & Cultural Studies BA in Chinese Language & Cultural Studies BA in German Language & Cultural Studies BA in Japanese Language & Cultural StudiesBA in Russian Language & Cultural Studies