Minor in German

The Minor in German offers students the opportunity to attain a thorough knowledge of the language, literature, and general culture.

Questions about program requirements should be addressed to the following faculty members:

German Program Director, Markus Wilczek  
German Language Coordinator, Saskia Stoessel

Program Requirements and Policies

  • 6 courses are required for the Minor in German. 
  • Minor Forms, once completed, must be signed by either the Program Director, Markus Wilczek, or the Language Coordinator, Saskia Stoessel. Submit one signed form to the main office, Olin 326 and one to Student Services in Dowling Hall.

Course Requirements

  • 6 courses above the intermediate level (GER 4). These must include:
    • GER 121
    • An additional 100-level course taught in German at Tufts in Medford (either GER 175, 178, or 182).