DEIJ Statement

The Levin lab is committed to facilitating everyone's ability to elevate and improve the human condition. Our recruitment policies are based on holistic evaluation (not pedigrees), and we conduct outreach to share the excitement of science, and opportunities therein, in a way accessible to all. We recognize that scientific and intellectual potential for doing good is widespread, but the opportunity to develop and apply those gifts is not; thus, we ensure meaningful opportunities, support, and encouragement for highly individualized development. Many of us also provide on-going mentoring and career guidance for young and aspiring scientists across the world.

Our lab is a diverse community of backgrounds and perspectives, and we work hard to build an inclusive culture in which everyone has the tools they need to contribute to a better life for all. We actively provide opportunities for, and encourage, discussion of a personalized approach to maximizing productivity, inspiration, and effective individual growth. We also maintain strong mentoring relationships within the lab to ensure that everyone is supported and given the opportunity to thrive. A customized approach is used to enable all lab members to advance science and technology in a way consistent with their own path and goals. We also recognize people's diverse susceptibility and risk profile, and the inequitable negative impact that illness has on different individuals. Thus, we provide extensive opportunities for hybrid work and abide by optimal guidelines for minimizing exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious agents.

In our applied research, we specifically design and implement a biomedical roadmap that will be deployable most broadly, minimizing economic and other barriers to improved health and well-being world-wide. Our conceptual work is in the field of Diverse Intelligence, and we develop frameworks for ethical relationships that seek the broadest, most inclusive mandate for improving the lived experience for all sentient beings. Through our research, we advance the ideal of Freedom of Embodiment, working toward a future in which the unjust and non-equitable vagaries of chance and genetics are overcome by biological and technological advances that allow everyone to experience whatever physical and cognitive embodiment they choose.