Please properly cite the following software and papers when using or referencing them in any published work.

Cassandra D.M. Churchill (University of Alberta), Philip Winter (University of Alberta), Jack A. Tuszynski (University of Alberta), Michael Levin (Tufts University):

Alexander Mordvintsev (Google), Eyvind Niklasson (Google), and Ettore Randazzo (Google):

Erik Hoel (Tufts University) and Brennan Klein (Northeastern University):

Franz Kuchling (Tufts University):

Douglas Moore (Tufts University/ASU):

Cuong Nguyen (Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University):

Alexis Pietak (Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University):

Cecil Curry:

Micah Brodsky (Tufts University/MIT):

Chris Fields:

Daniel Lobo (Tufts University/University of Maryland):