Graduate Student Papers

Papers with Graduate student co-authors (noted in bold)

Acute multidrug delivery via a wearable bioreactor facilitates long-term limb regeneration and functional recovery in adult Xenopus laevis
Murugan, N. J., Vigran, H. J., Miller, K., Golding, A., Pham, Q. L., Sperry, M., Rasmussen-Ivey, C., Kane, A. W., Kaplan, D. L., and Levin, M., (2022)
Science Advances, 8(4): abj2164

Rewiring Endogenous Bioelectric Circuits in the Xenopus laevis Embryo Model
Nanos, V., and Levin, M., (2021)
Methods in Molecular Biology, 2258:93-103

Integrating Variational Approaches to Pattern Formation into a Deeper Physics: Reply to comments on 'Morphogenesis as Bayesian Inference: A Variational Approach to Pattern Formation and Manipulation in Complex Biological Systems'
Kuchling, F., Friston, K., Georgiev, G., and Levin, M., (2020)
Physics of Life Reviews, 33:125-128

Bistability of Somatic Pattern Memories: Stochastic Outcomes in Bioelectric Circuits Underlying Regeneration
Pezzulo, G., LaPalme, J., Durant, F., Levin, M., (2019)

Regenerative Adaptation To Electrochemical Perturbation In Planaria: A Molecular Analysis Of Physiological Plasticity
Emmons-Bell, M., Durant, F.Tung, A., Pietak, A., Miller, K., Kane, A., Martyniuk, C. J., Davidian, D., Morokuma, J., and Levin, M., (2019)
iScience, 22: 147-165

Morphogenesis as Bayesian Inference: a Variational Approach to Pattern Formation and Control in Complex Biological Systems
Kuchling, F., Friston, K., Georgiev, G., and Levin, M., (2019)
Physics of Life Reviews, 33: 88-108

Toward modeling regeneration via adaptable echo state networks
Hammelman, J., Siegelmann, H., Manicka, S., and Levin, M., (2019)
in A. Adamatzky, S. Akl, and G. Sirakoulis (Eds.), From parallel to emergent computing, Chapter 6, pages 117-133, CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL

Inverse Drug Screening of Bioelectric Signaling and Neurotransmitter Roles: Illustrated Using a Xenopus Tail Regeneration Assay
Sullivan, K. G., and Levin, M., (2018)
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols, 2018(3): pdb.prot099937

Long-Term, Stochastic Editing of Regenerative Anatomy via Targeting Endogenous Bioelectric Gradients
Durant, F., Morokuma, J., Fields, C., Williams, K., Adams, D. S., and Levin, M., (2017)
Biophysical Journal, 112: 2231-2243

IK channel activation increases tumor growth and induces differential behavioral responses in two breast epithelial cell lines
Thurber, A. E., Nelson, M., Frost C. L., Levin, M., Brackenbury W. J., and Kaplan D. L., (2017)
Oncotarget, in press

Physiological controls of large-scale patterning in planarian regeneration: a molecular and computational perspective on growth and form
Durant, F., Lobo, D., Hammelman, J., and Levin, M., (2016)
Regeneration, 3(2): 78-102

Gap junctional blockade stochastically induces different species-specific head anatomies in genetically wild-type Girardia dorotocephala flatworms
Emmons-Bell, M., Durant, F., Hammelman, J., Bessonov, N., Volpert, V., Morokuma, J., Pinet, K., Adams, D. S., Pietak, A., Lobo, D., and Levin, M., (2015)
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 16: 27865–27896

Serotonergic regulation of melanocyte conversion: A bioelectrically regulated network for stochastic all-or-none hyperpigmentation
Lobikin, M., Lobo, D., Blackiston, D. J., Martyniuk, C. J., Tkachenko, E., and Levin, M., (2015)
Science Signaling, 8(397): ra99

Transmembrane voltage potential of somatic cells controls oncogene-mediated tumorigenesis at long-range
Chernet, B., and Levin, M., (2014)
Oncotarget, 5(10): 3287-3306

Depolarization of Cellular Resting Membrane Potential Promotes Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Proliferation In Vitro
Lan J. Y., Williams C., Levin, M., and Black L. D. III, (2014), "
Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, 7(3): 432-445

Endogenous voltage potentials and the microenvironment: bioelectric signals that reveal, induce, and normalize cancer
Chernet, B. T., and Levin M., (2014)
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Oncology, S1: doi:10.4172/2324-9110.S1-002

Bioelectrical mechanisms for programming growth and form: taming physiological networks for soft body robotics
Mustard, J., and Levin, M., (2014)
Soft Robotics, 1(3): 169-191

Endogenous bioelectric cues as morphogenetic signals in vivo
Lobikin, M., and Levin, M., (2014)
Chapter 15 in D. Fels, M. Cifra, and F. Scholkmann (Eds), Fields of the Cell, Research Signpost: Kerala, India p. 283-302

Transmembrane voltage potential is an essential cellular parameter for the detection and control of tumor development
Chernet, B. T., and Levin, M., (2013), "
Disease Models & Mechanisms, 6(3): 595-607

Transmembrane voltage potential controls embryonic eye patterning in Xenopus laevis
Pai, V. P., Aw., S., Shomrat, T., Lemire, J. M., and Levin, M. (2012)
Development, 139(2): 313-323
[F1000 rating "Exceptional"]

Early, nonciliary role for microtubule proteins in left–right patterning is conserved across kingdoms
Lobikin, M., Wang, G., Xu, J.-S., Hsieh, Y.-W., Chuang, C.-F., Lemire, J. M., and M. Levin, (2012)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, 109(31): 12586-12591

Resting potential, oncogene-induced tumorigenesis, and metastasis: the bioelectric basis of cancer in vivo
Lobikin, M., Chernet, B., Lobo, D., and Levin, M., (2012)
Physical Biology, 9(6): 065002

Photoconversion for Tracking the Dynamics of Cell Movement in Xenopus laevis Embryos
Chernet, B. T., Adams, D. S., and Levin, M., (2012)
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols, 2016(6): 683-690

A versatile protocol for mRNA electroporation of Xenopus laevis embryos
Chernet, B. T., and Levin, M., (2012), "
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols, 2012(4): 447-452

A second-generation device for automated training and quantitative behavior analyses of molecularly-tractable model organisms
Blackiston, D., Shomrat, T., Nicolas, C. L., Granata, C., and Levin, M., (2010)
PLoS One, 5(12): e14370

Transmembrane potential of GlyCl-expressing instructor cells induces a neoplastic-like conversion of melanocytes via a serotonergic pathway
Blackiston, D., Adams, D. S., Lemire, J. M., Lobikin, M., and Levin, M., (2011)
Disease Models and Mechanisms, 4: 67-85

Long-range neural and gap junction protein-mediated cues control polarity in planarian regeneration
Oviedo, N. J., Morokuma, P. Walentek, et al., M. Levin, (2010)
Developmental Biology, 339:188-199

BioDome regenerative sleeve for biochemical and biophysical stimulation of tissue regeneration
Hechavarria, D., Dewilde, A., Braunhut, S., Levin, M., and Kaplan, D. K., (2010)
Medical Engineering and Physics, 32: 1065-1073

The ATP-sensitive K+-channel (KATP) controls early left-right patterning in Xenopus and chick embryos
Aw, S., Koster, J., Pearson, W., Nicols, C., Shi, N. Q., Carneiro, K., and Levin, M., (2010)
Developmental Biology, 346: 39-53

Live imaging of planarian membrane potential using DiBAC4(3)
Oviedo, N. J., Nicolas, C. L., Adams, D. S., and Levin, M., (2008)
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols, doi:10.1101/pdb.prot5055

Gene knockdown in planarians using RNA interference
Oviedo, N. J., Nicolas, C. L., Adams, D. S., and Levin, M., (2008)
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols, doi:10.1101/pdb.prot5054

Establishing and maintaining a colony of planarians
Oviedo, N. J., Nicolas, C. L., Adams, D. S., and Levin, M., (2008)
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols, doi:10.1101/pdb.prot5053

H,K-ATPase protein localization and Kir4.1 function reveal concordance of three axes during early determination of left-right asymmetry
Aw, S., Adams, D. S., Qiu, D., and Levin, M., (2008)
Mechanisms of Development, 125: 353-372 [Top-cited article for 2008-2010 at MOD]

Analysis of behavior in the planarian model
Nicolas, C.L., Abramson, C.I., and Levin, M. (2008)
in Planaria: A Model for Drug Action and Abuse, R. B. Raffa & S.M. Rawls (Eds.), RG Landes Co.: Austin, p. 83-94

What's Left in Asymmetry?
Aw, S., and Levin, M., (2008)
Developmental Dynamics, 237: 3453-3463

Planarians: a versatile and powerful model system for molecular studies of regeneration, adult stem cell regulation, aging, and behavior
Oviedo, N., Nicolas, C. L., Adams, D. S., and Levin, M. (2008)
in Emerging Model Organisms: A Laboratory Manual, Volume 1, Cold Spring Harbor Press: Cold Spring Harbor, NY