Undergraduate Student Papers

Papers with Undergraduate student co-authors (noted in bold)

Cellular Competency during Development Alters Evolutionary Dynamics in an Artificial Embryogeny Model
Shreesha, L., and Levin, M. (2023)
Entropy, 25(1): 131

Competition for Finite Resources as Coordination Mechanism for Morphogenesis: an evolutionary algorithm study of digital embryogeny
Smiley, P., and Levin, M. (2022)
BioSystems, 221: 104672

Acute multidrug delivery via a wearable bioreactor facilitates long-term limb regeneration and functional recovery in adult Xenopus laevis
Murugan, N. J., Vigran, H. J., Miller, K., Golding, A., Pham, Q. L., Sperry, M., Rasmussen-Ivey, C., Kane, A. W., Kaplan, D. L., and Levin, M. (2022)
Science Advances, 8(4): abj2164

Formation and Spontaneous Long-Term Repatterning of Headless Planarian Flatworms
Bischof, J., LaPalme, J., Miller, K., Morokuma, J., Williams, K., Fields, C., and Levin, M. (2021)

Mechanosensation Mediates Long-Range Spatial Decision-Making in an Aneural Organism
Murugan, N., Kaltman, D.Jin, H.Chien, M., Flores, R., Nguyen, C., Tuzoff, D., Minabutdinov, A., Kane, A., Novak, R., Ingber, D., and Levin, M. (2021)
Advanced Materials, 2008161

Regulation of axial and head patterning during planarian regeneration by a commensal bacterium
Williams, K., Bischof, J., Lee, F., Miller, K., LaPalme, J., Wolfe, B., and Levin, M. (2020)
Mechanisms of Development, 163:103614

HCN2 Channel-induced Rescue of Brain Teratogenesis via local and long-range bioelectric repair
Pai, V., Cervera, J., Mafe, S., Willocq, V., Lederer, E., and Levin, M. (2020)
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 14: 136

Sertraline induces DNA damage and cellular toxicity in Drosophila that can be ameliorated by antioxidants
Jajoo, A.Donlon, C.Shnayder, S., Levin, M., and McVey, M. (2020)
Scientific Reports, 10: 4512

Bistability of Somatic Pattern Memories: Stochastic Outcomes in Bioelectric Circuits Underlying Regeneration
Pezzulo, G., LaPalme, J., Durant, F., Levin, M. (2019)

Regenerative Adaptation To Electrochemical Perturbation In Planaria: A Molecular Analysis Of Physiological Plasticity
Emmons-Bell, M., Durant, F., Tung, A., Pietak, A., Miller, K., Kane, A., Martyniuk, C. J., Davidian, D., Morokuma, J., and Levin, M. (2019)
iScience, 22: 147-165

The role of early bioelectric signals in the regeneration of planarian anterior/posterior polarity
Durant, F., Bischof, J., Fields, C., Morokuma, J., LaPalme, J., Hoi, A., and Levin, M. (2019)
Biophysical Journal, 116: 948-961

Cross-limb Communication During Xenopus Hind-limb Regenerative Response: Non-Local Bioelectric Injury Signals
Busse, S. M., McMillen, P. T., and Levin, M. (2018)
Development, 145(19). pii: dev164210

HCN2 Rescues brain defects by enforcing endogenous voltage pre-patterns
Pai, V. P., Pietak, A., Willocq, V., Ye, B., Shi, N-Q., and Levin, M. (2018)
Nature Communications, 9(1): 998

The brain is required for normal muscle and nerve patterning during early Xenopus development
Herrera-Rincon, C., Pai, V. P., Moran, K. M., Lemire, J. M., and Levin, M. (2017)
Nature Communications, 8:587

HCN4 Ion Channel Function is Required for Early Events that Regulate Anatomical Left-Right Patterning in a Nodal- and Lefty Asymmetric gene Expression-Independent Manner
Pai, V. P., Willocq, V., Pitcairn, E. J., Lemire, J. M., Pare, J-F., Shi, N-Q., McLaughlin, K. A., and Levin, M. (2017)
Biology Open, in press

Long-Term, Stochastic Editing of Regenerative Anatomy via Targeting Endogenous Bioelectric Gradients
Durant, F., Morokuma, J., Fields, C., Williams, K., Adams, D. S., and Levin, M. (2017)
Biophysical Journal, 112: 2231-2243

Serotonergic stimulation induces nerve growth and promotes visual learning via posterior eye grafts in a vertebrate model of induced sensory plasticity
Blackiston, D., Khanh, V., and Levin, M. (2017)
npj Regenerative Medicine, 2:8

From cytoskeletal dynamics to organ asymmetry: a nonlinear, regulative pathway underlies left-right patterning
McDowell, G., Rajadurai, S., and Levin, M. (2016)
Philosophical Transactions B, 371: 20150409

Physiological Inputs Regulate Species-Specific Anatomy During Embryogenesis And Regeneration
Sullivan, K. G., Emmons-Bell, M., and Levin, M. (2016)
Communicative and Integrative Biology, 9:4, e1192733

Physiological controls of large-scale patterning in planarian regeneration: a molecular and computational perspective on growth and form
Durant, F., Lobo, D., Hammelman, J., and Levin, M. (2016)
Regeneration, 3(2): 78-102

Bioelectric signaling via potassium channels: a mechanism for craniofacial dysmorphogenesis in KCNJ2-associated Andersen-Tawil Syndrome
D. S. Adams, S. G. M. Uzel, J. Akagi, D. Wlodkowic, V. Andreeva, P. C. Yelick, A. Devitt-Lee, J-F. Pare, and Levin, M. (2016)
Journal of Physiology, in press

Artificial neural networks as models of robustness in development and regeneration: stability of memory during morphological remodeling
Hammelman, J., Lobo, D., and Levin, M. (2016)
in Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Modeling, S. Shanmuganathan and S. Samarasinghe (Eds.) , p. 45-65

MoCha: molecular characterization of unknown pathways
Lobo, D., Hammelman, J., and Levin, M. (2016)
Journal of Computational Biology, 23(4): 291-297

Gap junctional blockade stochastically induces different species-specific head anatomies in genetically wild-type Girardia dorotocephala flatworms
Emmons-Bell, M., Durant, F., Hammelman, J., Bessonov, N., Volpert, V., Morokuma, J., Pinet, K., Adams, D. S., Pietak, A., Lobo, D., and Levin, M. (2015)
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 16: 27865–27896

Serotonergic regulation of melanocyte conversion: A bioelectrically regulated network for stochastic all-or-none hyperpigmentation
Lobikin, M., Lobo, D., Blackiston, D. J., Martyniuk, C. J., Tkachenko, E., and Levin, M. (2015)
Science Signaling, 8(397): ra99

A bioinformatics expert system linking functional data to anatomical outcomes in limb regeneration
Lobo, D., Feldman, E. B.Shah, M.Malone, T., and Levin, M. (2014)
Regeneration, 1(2): 37-56

Limbform: a functional ontology-based database of limb regeneration experiments
Lobo, D., Feldman, E.B.Shah, M.Malone, T., and Levin, M. (2014)
Bioinformatics, 30(24): 3598-3600

A novel method for inducing nerve growth via modulation of host resting potential
Blackiston, D., Anderson, G. M., Rahman, N.Bieck, C., and Levin, M. (2014)
Neurotherapeutics, 12: 170-184

Rab GTPases are required for early orientation of the left-right axis in Xenopus
Vandenberg, L. N., Morrie, R. D., Seebohm, G., Lemire, J. M., and Levin, M. (2013)
Mechanisms of Development, 130(4-5): 254-271

Towards a bioinformatics of patterning: a computational approach to understanding regulative morphogenesis
Lobo, D., Malone, T. J., and Levin, M. (2013)
Biology Open, 2(2): 156-169

Planform: an application and database of graph-encoded planarian regenerative experiments
Lobo, D., Malone, T.J., and Levin, M. (2013)
Bioinformatics, 29(8): 1098-1100

Low frequency vibrations induce malformations in two aquatic species in a frequency-, waveform-, and direction-specific manner
Vandenberg, L. N., Stevenson, C., and M. Levin (2012)
PLoS One, 7(12): e51473. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0051473

Regulation of cell behavior and tissue patterning by bioelectrical signals: challenges and opportunities for biomedical engineering
Levin, M., and Stevenson, C. (2012)
Annual Reviews in Biomedical Engineering,14: 295-323

Low frequency vibrations disrupt left-right patterning in the Xenopus embryo
Vandenberg, L. N., Pennarola, B. W., and Levin, M. (2011)
PLoS One, 6(8): e23306

Early, H+-V-ATPase-dependent proton flux is necessary for consistent left-right patterning of non-mammalian vertebrates
Adams D.S., Robinson K.R., Fukumoto T., Yuan S., Yelick P., Kuo L.McSweeney M., and Levin M. (2006)
Development, 133: 1657-1671
[F1000 rating "Exceptional"]

Automated analysis of behavior: a computer-controlled system for drug screening and the investigation of learning
Hicks, C., Sorocco, D., and Levin, M. (2006),
Journal of Neurobiology, 66(9): 977-90

Localization and loss-of-function implicate ciliary proteins in early, cytoplasmic roles in left-right asymmetry
Qiu, D., Cheng, S.M., Wozniak, L.et al. and Levin, M. (2005)
Developmental Dynamics, 234(1): 176-189